Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shameless self-promotion

How exciting - the revelation, at long last, of a well kept secret. OK, maybe not so well kept, but at least not promoted. :-) Until now!! This will mostly be of interest to my Norwegian-speaking readers, I'm sorry to say ... that's part of the point. The skeptics among you may be familiar with various podcasts of interest available around the interwebs ... The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is probably the most famous. There are lots of them around - Google is your friend. :-) There's one in Sweden that started up ... early this year, I think? Anyway, it's called Skeptikerpodden, you should check it out - if you understand Swedish, of course.

Now, all of these internet radio broadcast thingummys have one thing in common ... they're foreign. Furrin! Millennium hand and shrimp. That's all well and good, but I'm sorry to say that there are a lot of empty-headed peabrains wandering the streets here in Norway too, and a lot of arrant nonsense floating about. Which of course none of these podcasts from abroad, great as many of them are, ever discuss. So there's a lot of dumbassery that is never discussed on internet radio. It's a sad state of affairs. But! Fear no more, for now this has all come to an end ... !!

Yes, there is now a Norwegian skeptical podcast, and I am lucky enough to be a part of it. We've recorded a pilot (basically a short introductory kind of thing) and two episodes, they are all online, and now we're finally feeling confident enough to publicize it. I am slow ... as usual ... Gunnar beat me to it, for one, and even Fri Tanke. How cool is that, we're getting media attention. ;-) We even have a few comments on our website already. The pilot's been listened to 115 times, if I'm reading it correctly. So yay, we have potential listeners! :-) Of course this will all be in Norwegian, except for those occasions when we have interviews with furriners ... yes, this will happen, just watch. Or listen, rather. We have plans.

The name of the podcast is Saltklypa - from the latin cum grano salis, 'with a grain of salt'. In Norwegian this expression runs 'med en klype salt', ie 'with a pinch of salt'. Our website is here ... it's still a work in progress, but it works. :-) You can follow us on Twitter here, and there's supposed to be something set up on Facebook soon. I don't know, I don't have no truck with that. It'll be linked to on the site. We've all got blogs and what not and the links for those are all on the site. I'm Leisha Camden over there too ... it's the name I'm used to using online, and I don't want to be known under my real name in connection with the podcast - I plan to talk about the reptile law in a future episode, for one thing. :-) So those of you who have that information, please don't out me. :-)

We plan to make new episodes every other week. Bear with us, we're just starting out, it takes a little tinkering. But I think this could turn out pretty good. :-) Feedback is of course welcome and we'd be thrilled to get tips from our listeners, when we get some. You can contact us on Skype or Twitter or through comments on the website. Oh yeah, and we'll be on iTunes very soon. Any unanswered questions, you should know where to go by now. :-)


Christina said...

Heihei :)
Denne kommentaren min har ikke noe med innlegget ditt å gjøre, men jeg klarte ikke finne noen mail eller lignende som jeg kunne kontakte deg på. Uansett, jeg har snart særemne og skal blant annet snakke om boken "De gales hus" av Karin Fossum og forskjellen på bok og film. Jeg så at du for en stund siden hadde lagt ut en video på youtube om akkurat denne boka (og filmen). Problemet er at jeg bare klarer å se 1 min av filmen før den stopper helt opp. Så det jeg lurer på er om du kan prøve å sende meg filmen på mail eller eventuelt skrive om dine tanker rundt emnet?
Jeg håper på svar og at du vil gi meg noe tips :)

Paz said...

great to try new media, whats the fear of facebook. I use it to vent my idiot side :)