Friday, November 19, 2010

Quote of the Week

We have faith in the power to change what needs to be changed but we are under no illusion that the transition from dictatorship to liberal democracy will be easy, or that democratic government will mean the end of all our problems. We know that our greatest challenges lie ahead of us and that our struggle to establish a stable, democratic society will continue beyond our own life span.
But we know that we are not alone. The cause of liberty and justice finds sympathetic responses around the world. Thinking and feeling people everywhere, regardless of color or creed, understand the deeply rooted human need for a meaningful existence that goes beyond the mere gratification of material desires. Those fortunate enough to live in societies where they are entitled to full political rights can reach out to help their less fortunate brethren in other areas of our troubled planet.

Aung San Suu Kyi

What a fantastic human being she is. I am SO happy that she is out of her house arrest and that she can be among her people again. Fingers crossed that her sons will soon be allowed to travel to Rangoon to see her. She was interviewed on the Daily Review tonight (follow the link and scroll down to find the interview; it's of course in English) and she was just so wonderful. I can hardly believe how calm and contented she seems even after everything that's been done to her. If it was me I'm pretty sure I would have been totally bitter and bitchy. She's amazing. :-)


Paz said...

ITA, funny the picture you have chosen, I heard her being interviewed and she had never used a mobile phone she had never seen one and she had to be shown how to answer one.
amazing all she missed like besides all the stuff in the news, small things that we take for granted like sat navs, lap tops, mp3 players, social newtworks, digital cameras.
new words phrases that have entered language, like War on Terror, google it, wiki it, 9/11 etc etc

Leisha Camden said...

I know! It must be so weird for her to try to get her head around all these new things and changes. A week ago she had never heard of cell phones, and now I bet she is using one constantly. :-D

Paz said...

Lets hope she does not become an Iphone twat :P.