Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dyrenes hus

You may not know this about her, but my best friend, Tanumine (formerly known here as C. :-) is a major cat lover. Show her almost anything kitty-related and she will love it. :-) She is also a rather soft-hearted and extremely kind person, so it should come as no surprise that she is a supporter of an SPCA ... more or less local to where she lives now. They cover the area - if I understand it correctly? - but their headquarters is in Bærum, the municipality where both Tanumine and I am from. Unfortunately it's a bit far for her to volunteer her time there, but she donates money and is part of their program where you 'adopt' an animal without taking it into your home, ie pay for food and other expenses so that it can stay safely at the shelter until a new home can be found for it.

No, she doesn't have a cat herself ... alas ... her fiancé isn't entirely sold on the idea. Not yet, at least. ;-)

Anyway ... this organization has a shelter in Bærum, tucked away in the woods out there, where they have usually between 20 and 30 cats at any given time, plus some rabbits and other small animals. Discarded pets, usually. >:-( It's a no-kill shelter so they find homes for anyone that they can nurse back to health. The few that they can't find homes for get to stay there permanently, it seems. Once a year they have an open day at this place so that donors and potential volunteers can come and take a look. They sell various things to raise money as well. This year this event was on August 22nd and Tanumine took me there with her - I didn't even know it was going on, so kudos for that. :-) It was great to see the place and of course I caught it all on film. :-) Adorable critters are irresistible to my camera. :-)

I had to make two videos out of it because I had a little too much footage for just one and I couldn't decide on anything to cut. :-)

Part one ...

Widescreen here.

Part two ...

Widescreen here.


Anonymous said...

Great videos! I loved our visit there; even with all the sad histories the animals had, the atmosphere and the people working there were absolutely great! Hope we can make the trip next year as well ;) Big hug! Tanumine :)

Leisha Camden said...

I agree - the personal histories of many of the animals were very sad (like the cat who had been thrown out of a moving car!) but they were all doing so well there that it was just a pleasant experience entirely IMO. All the animals seemed very relaxed and content. Let's definitely go again!! :-)