Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Carmen Maura singing

Youtube is a wonderful place.

The other day I suddenly got to thinking about something I hadn't thought about since forever ... the scene in La ley del deseo where Carmen Maura, in the role as the main character's transsexual sister, enters her former church to show her daughter where she was an altar boy as a child, and is so moved by being back there that she breaks into song. That little snatch of song that she sings is just so beautiful, and I have the movie somewhere; I used to play that scene again and again. But I haven't even thought about it since I don't know when. I haven't seen the movie for years. But suddenly I remembered that scene.

Doesn't she sing beautifully? Her voice is so expressive. She actually started out as a singer and not an actress. I love this scene.

Youtube is a wonderful place. :-)

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