Thursday, February 11, 2010

A petty annoyance

Here's something that's really annoying me at work these days. It is a petty annoyance that is still seriously driving me up the wall. I work with, among others, a young guy, he just turned 22. IMO he's not very mature for his age. There are several reasons why I think that, but I won't go into all of that here. There's just one thing that's driving me crazy at the moment and I feel like I just have to tell someone how annoying it is or ... just grab the kid by the scruff of his neck and scream in his face ... and that sort of thing doesn't foster a positive work environment, does it.

This time of year people have all sorts of colds and sniffles, that's normal. Can't be helped. It's standard procedure in winter time. What isn't standard procedure is that someone who's above kindergarten age never blows his nose. Arrgh ... !!! OK, 'never' is taking it too far, I have heard him do it one whole time this year. But as close to never as makes no mind. He's had this sniffle for weeks now, and he seriously never blows his nose. He just ... well, you know what he does, it's disgusting, I don't want to describe it. But the sound of it, which I hear again and again time after time every hour of every working day, is SO INCREDIBLY ANNOYING that it seriously is driving me up the wall. WTF is his problem?? How can he keep doing this and how is it possible that he doesn't get how annoying it is??? ARGH!!

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Whew. I wish I could say I feel better for saying it, but my brief moment of relief is, sadly, spoiled by what I know I'll be hearing first thing tomorrow morning. Argh.


Paz said...

AAAAAAAAAARGH, I think his brother works with me and he slurps his tea while talking with his mouth open,

James said...

Lucky you don't live in Japan. The cultural norm out there is to sniff rather than blow - it shows forebearance and patience on the part of the sniffer. Hankies and tissues in pockets are an alien and disgusting concept to the Japanese - and to me, having thought carefully about these sheets of cloth or paper full of snot and bogeys that most people carry around with them.

As for me ... what other possible use do hairy arms have in this world?

On a tangent, the Japanese do carry hankies which are used to dry their hands at public toilets and restaurants and what have you. That's why most public toilets in most locations around Japan (aside from those heavily frequented by people of foreign disposition) don't have paper towel dispensers or hand driers.

As for me ... what other possible use do dark trousers have in this world?