Monday, February 15, 2010

I'll be gone for a few days ...

... starting Wednesday morning, painfully bright and early. Actually, not bright - it'll still be dark for hours when I have to leave on Wednesday. Argh. But it'll be worth it ... it'll be so worth it ... !! :-D

Because, guess what, I'm going to London! Yay! Actually, not that much yay ... London really isn't my favorite city. At all. Not even favorite in the UK, nowhere near. I don't know why exactly, it's just too big, there's too much of it. It's exhausting just being there. :-) But this time there's something there I want to see ... namely the theatrical production of Pterry's Nation, at the National Theatre. It's C. and I who are going there to see it, because we're both major Pterry fans and ... it'll be fun. Plus of course there's someone in London that I want to see - we'll be staying with my friend Sol and of course it'll be great to see her again too. :-) And you, Crispin, of course ... !! :-D

So ... from Wednesday through Saturday I probably won't get online much. A quote may pop up on Saturday, I suppose. Something clever not said by me. ;-) But apart from that, probably not much. Here's hoping I'll have some good shots to post on Sunday, though ... !! :-)

And just to keep somewhat on topic: Keanu's been in London too, look ... I'm almost willing to bet I'll get to see more of the city than he did that time. (The Lake House premiere weekend.)


Shiva said...

Have a nice trip :)

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks, I plan to! :-)