Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arts & crafts

Remember my post last month about new year's resolutions? I said that I was going to do more crafts this year, and that I had already done pretty well with it ... infinitely better than last year, alas ... and in the comments I said that I would be posting some photos of the things I've made, 'soon'. Well, it's been less than a month, I'm sure under many circumstances that can be called soon.

OK, so, some photos ... with explanatory texts. :-) All of this stuff was made to be sent off in swaps I've been doing over at Swap-bot ... it's a site that's just dangerously addictive ;-) if you like to do crafty things and get mail. :-)

A mixed media portrait kind of thing of another swapper's pet cat.

A bookmark and a coaster, intended to kind of sort of match.

Some earrings.

Something fun I've discovered over at Swap-bot is an ... art form, or whatever ... that is perfect for me. I'm pretty impatient and only semi-talented, so inchies are the perfect art form for me. They can be any media, any material - the only rule is that they have to be four inch square. I've had fun making these recently. :-)

These were the first ones I ever made, I was pretty happy with them. The recipient seemed to like them a lot, that was a relief. :-) The theme was 'Under the Sea'.

Free theme, ie no theme ... just decorate them any way you care to. I'm really happy with the BookCrossing one, that was pretty clever. If I do say so myself. :-)

Theme 'Butterflies' ...

Some ideas just don't work in the inchie format, there just isn't room ... so it's a good thing you can also make twinchies, which are the same thing except two inch squares. :-) I've only made one set of these so far - free theme again, but I tried to make some that I thought the recipient would like. They haven't arrived yet, though, so I can't say. :-)


Paz said...

there is a shop in Galway that sells earrings like those that you have made

Leisha Camden said...

Just out of curiosity, what are they charging for them?

Paz said...

Will ask Mrs Paz later, I do know that most of the work that the woman does, is made to order to match outfits etc

AudiX78 said...

thx for sharing your crafts :-) I am looking for inspiration, maybe when spring arrives :-)