Thursday, February 4, 2010

FINLAND 2010: Kuunkuiskaajat - Työlki ellää

Do you know what a great musician is? I guess that definition is different for everyone. Ingrid Bjørnov has a great definition of it, though: A great musician is a person who can play the accordion, but who refrains from doing so.

Anyway ...

Initial thoughts: Kudos for singing in Finnish, but I'm sure that by the time they get to Oslo, they will be working with lyrics in English. Growl, etc. But yeah, anyway ...

This entry is really hilarious, because it's basically a Finnish girly version of Fairytale. :-D I mean, seriously. V. funny. A folk music-inspired song, upbeat & catchy, an unusual instrument being played ... I thought it was good and might stand a reasonable chance, but then they brought out the violin ... !! :-D Seriously, I don't know what they're thinking. A violin entry won last year, so, alas, that drastically lowers the chances for any violin entry this year. That's just one of the ways the ESC works. :-)

But it's a good song though. Well performed, with good energy and plenty of enthusiasm. Pretty good voices, nice music, a pretty catchy song. Finland may do relatively well this year ... even though they killed their own chances for the big one. But an entry they can be proud of.

Whatever Ingrid may say, I think it'll be great to see an accordion on stage in Telenor Arena. ;-)

This is Kuunkuiskaajat performing Työlki ellää by Timo Kiiskinen, Susan Aho, Johanna Virtanen, Tom Nyman and Jetro Vaini, who will be competing for Finland in Telenor Arena on either May 25th or 27th, and, if they're lucky, on the 29th.

Lyrics with translation here. Be warned, it's pretty darn silly ... :-)

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Anonymous said...

I think that entry is 50% a joke (with the Frikar like dancer and the violin, surely more than a nod to "Fairytale"?) and 50% surfing on what they think is a trend.

And I'm of course deeply offended that you haven't used the link above... ;)