Friday, February 5, 2010

Use your vote, people!!!

So, tomorrow's the big day. :-) The big finale ... at least in this country. Oh, and in Denmark and Iceland too. Poor Icelanders. :-) Anyway.

Here in Norway we have to be really careful about what we pick this year. We want to send a song that will do well, but not too well. Know what I mean? We won last year, and now we're proud & happy to be able to welcome Europe to our *cough* lovely capital *cough*, yada yada. I always hope we'll send something that at least means we won't totally embarrass ourselves ... I don't always get this wish, but this year, I hope we'll be able to do reasonably well. I mean, totally failing in the ESC isn't really a big deal, we're so used to it, but just this year, since we're hosting it and all, I really hope we'll send something that will do pretty well - top ten - and won't make us the laughing stock of Europe. :-) However.

Our entry should be pretty good, but it mustn't be too good. Because while winning once is a huge thrill, winning twice in a row is a curse. Just ask the Irish. ;-) So whatever we do, we have to avoid winning. It shouldn't be too hard, considering our track record. But it would be so typically us to mess it up and do too well just when we shouldn't. Fingers crossed!

Use your vote and use it sensibly - or, in other words, Keep of Kalessin ftw!!! They are so totally the obvious choice for us this year. Granted, it's not my type of music. I don't like the song (although I have heard much worse in this genre ;-). But it's exactly the right song for Oslo 2010. The guys are total pros and will give a good performance, they're unusual in an ESC context, so they'll stand out, young people will like them and, most important, black metal is the music genre that Norway is most known for. So what could be better than showing off just that?? At the same time, the appeal of a song like theirs isn't broad enough to do, ahem, too well.

In short, they are so totally the ones we should send. If you're in Norway, you're watching tomorrow and you have no clear favorite, do me a big favor and send a vote for Keep of Kalessin. It'll only cost you five crowns, so come on. :-) Even if you do have a favorite, and it's not KoK, please reconsider!! They should win! For all our sakes! And for nothing else, because it'll be such a treat to see these black-clad metal tough guys jump around like schoolgirls if they win ... !! :-D

Ooh, and don't forget: The tickets go on sale on Monday ... !!! ;-)


KAS said...

Did you see the price of those tickets? I didn't expect them to be very cheap, but 800 kr for the cheapest tickets to the big final? 1200 and 1600 for seats where you can actually see the stage? Jeeez... Tempted to catch a semi for 300 kr instead.

Leisha Camden said...

I know, unbelievable prices. And then the cost of hotel rooms on top - that'll keep a lot of fans from abroad away from the show, I'm afraid. It's expensive for Norwegians, so for most other Europeans it'll be staggering. I think our plan's the best. ;-)