Monday, February 8, 2010

I has a ticket ... !!!

Yes ... !!!!

The tickets - you know which ones I mean ;-) - went on sale this morning and fortunately it was a slow day at work, so I was able to use some time on some private phone calls ;-) and yay! get hold of the tickets I wanted. Would you believe that we're not going to see the final?? It's true, we're not. Partly the tickets were ridiculously expensive - 1,600 crowns!! - and partly, if we were to go, we'd miss our traditional ESC party, which we all love ... and it's going to be extra special this year, because we're going to be at KAS and trilltrall's new place, which of course will be brilliant! ;-) So we decided that we don't want to spend that much money on missing our party, and came up with an alternate plan - we're going to see the second dress rehearsal, on the Friday night. Tickets are 600 crowns each and the performance will be identical to the final, except for the voting. This is the dress rehearsal that they videotape and use as backup in case something goes wrong on Saturday night. So ... we'll get to see the show, and we'll get to have our party and make fun of all the contestants too. :-) We'll have our cake and eat it too. :-)

I got the tickets, anyway, so we're all set. Squee!! :-D A lot of others got their tickets too. People have been bitching about the tickets being too expensive, but the final sold out in 20 minutes. So ... it's like I've said before, we have it way too good here. :-)

Now if only I could get tickets to Pippa Lee, I'd be laughing! But it looks like that movie's going straight to video here. Unbelievable. Growl.

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Paz said...

great that you got tickets cheap, a waste of money all the time :P .
Cool to get to see something that you love, be the same as me getting tickets to something I love.
did a check on price in Euros thats 196 Euros as opposed to 74 Euros, that is expensive