Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I call sexism ...

... on those who call discrimination on the proposed ban on burkas in this country.

Just to be clear: When I say a proposed ban, the context is that a politician has gone public with her opinion that there should be a ban. So that first sentence isn't really correct. It just sounded really good. ;-) But this woman wants to open the debate and I totally agree about that. My opinion is as follows.

I don't think this ridiculous and oppressive item of clothing should be banned in itself. Yeah, sure, women suffer these indignities and that's real sad and all, but most of them are religious nutcases themselves, so my sympathy is limited. It's the same reason why it's a wasted effort to try liberating Afghanistan from the Taliban. Anyway.

I don't think either the burka or the niqab should be banned. Here in Norway, it's really the latter we should be talking about, because nobody really wears burkas here. But the niqab is a reality. It should not be banned in society in general. It should be banned in schools and universities, though. Of course, any employer must be allowed to deny employees the right to wear it. And also, it should be illegal for any woman wearing a niqab to enter a bank. Any woman wearing a niqab who attempts to enter a bank should be arrested immediately.

If this doesn't become law, it's gender discrimination, and that's illegal in this country.

What, are you laughing?? STFU, I'm totally right. If a man wearing a ski mask goes into a bank, what do you think happens then?? So why should a woman get away with it? Religious discrimination my ass.

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Paz said...

didn't know which bit was his name but liked the comment from 'Trygve Magnus Slagsvold Vedum' banning them because they were terrible clothing, if that was the case there needs to be more items added to the ban, like butt cleavage, muffin tops etc etc.
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