Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ninjas and pirates and zombies, oh my!

And princesses and aliens! But not just any old ninjas and pirates and zombies and princesses and aliens!! No! MEEPLE ninjas and pirates and zombies and princesses and aliens!!! :-D

Look they are so many!!1 Everywhar!!1!

Five different kinds, and all of them SO COOL ... !1! They are all megameeple, normal sized meeple don't come in this much detail, it would be too tricky. So sayeth the wonderful folks over at MeepleSource. But who cares!! We'll squeeze those giant meeple on there! Pirates on the roads, zombies in the fields!! Aliens in every town!! Are you with me?? :-D

Watch your back, the aliens have got their eyes on you ... o_O Aliens in Carcassonne. It's what's always been missing in my life.

Consider yourselves warned (you know who you are) - next board game night, we are soo playing Carcassonne. ;-)


Paz said...

this is what happens when people live in the dark for the winter :P

Leisha Camden said...

LOL! What can I say, we have to pass the time somehow :-D

Paz said...

an Irish comedian has a theory that the Irish and British are the alcoholics kicked out of Europe for their drinking antics, maybe the Scandinavians moved North as an excuse to enjoy their gaming.

Leisha Camden said...