Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A pretty crazy story

Finally getting around to telling that crazy story I promised. :-)

Anne Ida and Tanumine and I went to my mother's house in Sweden this past weekend, to celebrate Anne Ida's birthday, and we might have had a more eventful time than we expected. Fortunately that didn't pan out, everything was fine and we made it back home alive and unharmed. ;-) Here's the crazy back story.

The weekend before our trip, my parents were at the house and spent some days there. When they got there Thursday night, they suddenly got an unexpected visit from a hitherto unknown neighbor. There are a couple of neighbors that they've introduced themselves to, they seem nice and normal, but this guy, well ... did not. They didn't even know about him, but apparently he lives pretty close, we just can't see his house through the forest. So, it was dark by then, and he arrived while they were carrying their groceries in from the car, but they felt they had to invite him in for coffee.

While they were having coffee he told them about himself. Oh, and he had a dog with him too, a 'creepy' dog according to my mother. It was an amstaff, so she may have just thought it looked creepy - they aren't exactly eye candy - because they can be really sweet and wonderful dogs. But she says no, it really was creepy too. I can't say, obviously. But she didn't like his dog. He told them that he had worked for years in a psychiatric institution, and told them various stories from them days ... this was kind of fun actually, my mother said that although he said he'd worked there, she and my father had kind of been thinking, well ... And I said, you were thinking that he was actually a patient instead. OMG YES! :-D

Anyway, he stayed for what they felt was a little too long, but they finally got rid of him. The next day was a Friday, and they were having some electricians come over to fix the pretty shoddy electrical system in the house. They didn't know when in the day they would get there, so my father had given them his key. Turned out they got there early enough that my parents were still in. The guy with the key gave it back to my father. Now, he remembers getting the key back. The problem is he doesn't remember what he did with it afterwards. o_O

He thinks he may have tried the lock with it. The lock is kind of tricky, it doesn't work all that well, at least not with my mother's key, which was the only one they'd tried. He wanted to try his key too ... that's what he was planning to do. But he doesn't remember. Whatever he did, the key is now gone without a trace. Nobody remembers seeing it after he got it back. This is where it gets kind of crazy.

Friday afternoon my uncle and aunt arrived, and of course spent the night. Saturday morning they all went out to drive to Arvika, one of the closest towns. Actually a pretty charming place. (Coming up on my Youtube channel. ;-) When they got out to my father's car, they saw that a huge pile of dog shit had been left right outside the driver's side front door, and, get this, the mirror on that side was twisted all out of whack. I don't know anything about cars, but my father says that the way it was twisted is something that can't really happen by accident, like if you brush up against it ... you have to really grab it and twist it. So someone must have been there and done it on purpose ... someone with a dog. Sound like anyone we might know?

It's obvious where this is leading. My father thinks the possibly crazy neighbor came over again in the night, let his dog take a huge dump on our property, temporarily vandalized the car and stole the key that some irresponsible person left in the front door. Far be it from me to point fingers. But this is his theory. He admits that he probably screwed up, which is pretty rare. ;-) When we were there this weekend we looked for the key, but unfortunately couldn't find it. Alas. It would have been so fantastic if we had found it in his jacket pocket. >:-)

Now, my dear old dad may have messed up with the key - though we still don't know if he really did forget it in the door - but no one can say that he doesn't clean up his messes. When we arrived at the house (with proper warning ;-) we had to negotiate two booby traps ... one a snow shovel that fell out of the front door when we opened it, and one a thread strung across the front door that anyone entering would have snapped if they didn't know about it. It was not snapped. We also had a list with us with the details of the beer and liquor supply, which we had to check, to see that all of his beers were still there. They all were. I noticed he didn't bother to count my cans of cider. They were also still all there, but even so.

We spent a quiet and uneventful weekend, as far as visits from weirdo neighbors go, and upon leaving followed my father's instructions and rigged the thread and snow shovel booby trap again. :-D Next weekend - a week and a half from now - he's going there to, among other things, change the lock.

What do you wanna bet we find the missing key in about five days' time after that?

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