Friday, February 6, 2009

And now for something completely different.


Am I bubbling over with energy - no. Definitely not. So today's post will not be long and it will not be insightful *cough* and it will not deal with anything vaguely important. Just a very funny video for those who feel like watching one.

This is a clip from a Norwegian comedy show, but don't worry, it's in English. I mean, those of you who read this and don't understand Norwegian. Don't worry. It's in English because it's about the Danish language and how it's so incomprehensible, and ... oh, I don't have the energy to explain it all. I spent all my chattiness today on some nice customers that I do like a lot and on an 'anonymous' commenter here on the blog who is the reason why I've switched on that moderating thing again temporarily. Basically, written Norwegian and written Danish are almost the same thing. Long story. But when we open our mouths and start talking it's a different story. Danes sound to Norwegian ears as if they have their mouths full of something ... we like to say that Danish isn't really a language, it's a throat disease. This skit makes fun of that. But this is also a real problem, in that Danish is in fact beginning to collapse in on itself and is becoming increasingly incomprehensible even to native speakers. It's a real problem ... but fortunately it's not my problem. :-) Here's the video, enjoy! Have a great weekend!!


Paz said...

RFLMAO, there are people in Ireland who are supposed to speak english as a first language. this reminds me of their communication

Leisha Camden said...

All this language stuff is so tricky! :-D