Monday, February 9, 2009

Keanupic and no excuse


OK, I've been at work for twelve hours today, it took me almost an hour to get home, and I have no energy to do anything but eat some fruit and watch a movie I've seen ten times already. So today's post will just be a pretty picture and not much more. Rose, I hope you'll like this, even though it'll probably be Tuesday for you by the time you see it. I'm sending a virtual hug your way. {{{Rose & family}}} :-)

This picture was taken on Oscar night 2006. That's Sandra Bullock in the background to the right, they went together. Their movie The Lake House was scheduled for release about three months later so they had to do some promoting ... Keanu had agreed to present one of the awards, that's the type of thing he never does voluntarily, only when he has a project to plug. ;-)

I like this picture a lot ... not sure I can tell you why. It's the look on his face, the way he looks at the photographer. I'd love to know what he was thinking just then. :-)

I hope you all have had a good Monday. More fun than mine. :-)


Rose said...

He was thinking of me......oh what, he wasnt??? lol
Hugs back at ya sweetie!!

Leisha Camden said...

We can all dream ... !! ;-)