Monday, February 23, 2009

Keanuart by me

These are two posters I made for my living room wall at home a couple of years ago. Too many Keanupics, not enough to use them for ... !! :-D But I thought this was a pretty creative solution. The film strips are frame stickers I bought at Panduro and attached to plain white paper. Partly to break up the image as a whole and partly to cover edges between clippings.

I was really happy with these when I made them ... whenever I make stuff it normally tends to turn out pretty different from what I envision before starting the project. Not that it turns out badly, necessarily ... it may sometimes even be better than I hope for ... it's just that I generally have a hard time creating things that look like I want them to look. o_O If that makes sense. But these came out just as I'd pictured them in my mind. :-)

The frames are the regular cheap kind from IKEA. I wish they still made them in black. :-( Click the pictures to see bigger versions!


Rose said...

Oh lots of eye candy!! Did I miss last weeks??
Hugs xxx

Mirage Oasis said...

Love your collage

Leisha Camden said...

Rose: I guess you did! :-) It was a video though and not a picture:

M.O.: thank you!! :-) Nice to see you here again. :-)

Rose said...

Oh yes I did!! Im hardly likely to miss my weekly treat am I?? lol

Leisha Camden said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much! ;-)

Mirage Oasis said...

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