Saturday, February 14, 2009

More ESC news

Updates and artwork. :-)

Let's see. A couple of countries have picked their performer - although not necessarily the song, that comes later in some countries. A band called will perform the Czech entry. Never heard of them, but the word 'gypsy' always gives me a bad vibe. But hey, I can keep an open mind on these things. *cough* Not sure when their song will be announced, but watch this space. ;-)

A much much bigger deal is that Patricia Kaas will perform for France. :-o Now that is a biggie. She was announced as a singer first, but because I've been so slow to blog about it, the song has been chosen too now - it's by Anse Lazio and Fred Blondin, and it's called Et s'il fallait le faire. I'll review it later, I haven't listened to it yet. But at least we can be sure that it'll be a quality performance. :-)

Hungary originally chose their entry on February 4th - their second attempt this year after the first choice had to be withdrawn - but now this song too has been withdrawn and they will have to find a new song for a third time. o_O No info yet on when, though.

Belgium will be choosing their entry on March 10th. Supposedly they will be represented by a 'rock'n'roll legend'. I'll withhold judgment till the 10th, I think ...

Greece will be represented by Sakis Rouvas (how original! :-). His song will be chosen on February 18th.

Poland will choose their entry tonight, as will Lithuania, Armenia, Moldova and Iceland. Here in Norway we will be having our semifinal and the Swedes will be having their second quarter-final. Things be happenin' ... !!

And on January 30th - this actually is really interesting IMO - the artwork for Moscow 2009 was announced. That's it below. I like it. Spring colors and a fun design that makes me think of flowers and birds. We'll like Russia more if we start associating it with flowers and pretty birds, I guess ... ? ;-)

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