Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rant warning: People are idiots

OK, so, expect no enjoyment from today's post. I'm going to rant about how people are idiots and how it sucks when they show up and annoy me at work. So read on at your own risk. >:-(

At around noon today one of the biggest idiots I know walked in the door at work. That in itself is enough to annoy me since this guy is such a compulsive chatterbox that whenever I see him I know I'm at serious risk of wasting 20-30-40 minutes on basically nothing when I have so many other things to do. And small talk isn't just small talk ... sometimes it's interesting and entertaining, and sometimes it's BORING and completely inane. Guess which category this guy belongs to ...

We have a long back story with this person, he used to be the buyer for a big customer of ours. Well, he still has the same job, but the company he works for has been bought out and their production unit shipped out of the country so they don't buy much anymore. Good ... !! because that means we don't have to see this guy twice a week, or more, like we did before. He comes by very rarely these days. But today was one of these dreaded occasions. He wanted to speak to O., a coworker whose job title I'm really not sure of in English. I'll have to look into that. But he basically keeps the whole operation running smoothly ... or tries to, at least. It's a big job. Murphy's law and all that. Before Christmas the idiot I'm ranting about bought some stuff on the side, not for the company, and there was some mixup with the order so that he paid for something he didn't get and was supposed to get it later but still hasn't gotten it after three months or whatever. Gasp! So he came in complaining, and with a bunch of printouts in his hand, saying that O. is completely hopeless, never emails him back, blah blah ... and he said a bunch of totally unfair things like how O. has a fancy title now but that's no good when he never does anything, he never does what he's supposed to, etc. This got me totally annoyed because I know for a fact how much O. works and let me tell you, he works extremely hard. He is so dedicated to his job and he does so much - but no, he isn't perfect and he doesn't do everything in the whole world - he's only human, people make mistakes, sheesh. But saying he does nothing is a total lie and I won't let people say things like that. So I said actually, he works very hard, but he has a lot on his plate. Can I help [boot you out the door]? He started yapping about this order of his and how he had to talk to O. ... where was he, why wasn't he there, was he at lunch or something? YES, he was, just like he's ALWAYS at lunch around noon, and this fucking idiot always shows up at lunchtime!!! He never gets it through his thick skull that he needs to show up at some other time if he wants to be sure that people won't be at lunch!! Growl ... !!

So after talking this over for a little while I decide that I will just have to pull O. out of lunch to get him to take care of this now (it's a simple problem to solve and would have been solved long ago if only this guy wasn't such an idiot) so we can just get it over with. So he comes down and they talk for a while and straighten the problem out. I'm not involved in this, they walk around a bit and I'm at my not-quite-desk making some phone calls. Then they come back, having figured the problem out - and just FYI, when people leave the store they have to walk by me. And now the idiot felt like, apparently, he should include me in the conversation. Maybe he thinks that I enjoy talking to him? Can anyone really be that stupid?? Anyway. He starts to tell what he apparently thinks is a funny joke. He asks have we heard that the White House has a new name now? OK, so, I know things about this guy that mean that I know what kind of joke this is going to be. I try to ignore it. But this is a tactic that does not work with this guy. So he goes on to deliver the punchline. Which is, guess what. 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. o_O

Now, O. isn't much of a reader, so he doesn't get this reference and he says so. I for my part am just about blowing a fuse. I mean, WTF?? What is wrong with people?? Now the idiot wants to explain his piece of shit joke so he says - and get this, he's ignorant too - he starts saying that years ago, this author wrote some books about Uncle Tom's cabin and Tom Sawyer and so on. WTF?? I really feel like I'm about to explode ... and say something really seriously rude ... so I just snap out, Now that's just completely wrong! Mr Idiot Man wants to know what I mean. I say that Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and Mark Twain wrote the books about Tom Sawyer and they have nothing to do with each other. The idiot says Oh, is that so ... or something meaningless like that. At this point O. managed to steer the conversation onto something completely different and they went outside to look at something to do with the entrance area. And after that he left and I didn't see him again. Today ... >:-( Anyway.

WTF is wrong with people?? Why do ignorant shitheads like this ... I don't know, have the right to vote?? I don't want to give the wrong impression, I do know how to treat a customer, I'm good at customer service ... seriously, I really am ... but I'm not under any obligation to listen to any & every shitty line that some pathetic bigot feels like spewing at me. And - aside from the fact that Obama is the new American president who won the election by taking the high road and deserves some respect just for that - I will not sit down and listen to any black or brown or yellow or whatever person being called a Negro slave (or a monkey, which this guy has also referred to black people as, on more than one occasion) and just listen and not speak up. And especially when it's coming from someone who is an avowed racist and literally a Nazi!! I'm totally serious, this guy actively tried to start a Nazi political party here in Norway back in the 80s. I'm not joking. He couldn't drum up enough interest in the project so it never got off the ground. >:-) But that's beside the point. I am not sitting there listening to some Nazi shithead tell me racist jokes and just taking it. I was so fucking mad today ... !!! Good thing O. got him out of there when he did, because seriously ... !

And just so you won't think it's all me: I was telling our secretary about this later, we were standing by the coffee machine talking when our boss walked by on his way to the men's room. As he passed us he said, Having a meeting? :-) I replied that we weren't, that I just needed to blow off some steam about a customer. Hearing this, he said, Oh yeah? Is it [company name]? LOL! You betcha! :-)

Oh, and also: when I explained the joke to O. later he was totally shocked and said he supported me 100%. We both agree that if we never see that guy again, it'll be one billion years too soon. Oy vey.

So ... low point of my day, no question. Of my week, I hope. After work I went downtown to the BookCrossing meetup, had a lovely time there with Findabair and sota48 ... and then to the Cinematheque to see Billy Wilder's The Front Page. So overall it was a pretty good day. But I seriously don't know what's wrong with people. :-(


The Cog said...

...I am so thankful for people like you in this world

Truand said...

that's the kind of people who do drugs right?

Leisha Camden said...

Cog: Thanks. And thanks for metaphorically listening to my venting. :-)

Truand: that's a joke, right?

Paz said...

Whats worse it's derogatory when black people say it to each other. Some people are good arguments for eugenics!(I do not support Eugenics) I also work with a guy like this (hug)

Anonymous said...

Jeg fattet interesse for disse bokstavene i teksten din:

"At around noon today one of the biggest idiots I know walked in the door at work. That in itself is enough to annoy me since this guy is such a compulsive chatterbox that whenever I see him I know I'm at serious risk of wasting 20-30-40 minutes on basically nothing when I have so many other things to do."

Selv om teksten var intetsigende og handlet om totalt uinteresserte ting i et muligens uinteressant liv tvang jeg meg til å lese den. Så nå vet jeg hva du mener, bortsett fra at jeg ikk kastet bort så mye som 20-30-40 minutter...

Leisha Camden said...

Paz: some people are good arguments for restricting the vote, at least. Thanks for the hug. :-)

Anon., I know that you are Steinar Lindgren who I disagreed with over at Gunnar Tjomlid's blog. I think that stalking people in the way that you are now doing, trying to get back at them somehow because they have pointed out shortcomings in your online argumentation, is immature and pathetic. At Gunnar's you said that the debate was over for your part. Obviously not. What am I to make of this? I can't help but think that you can't refute my arguments, and you see that the majority supports my side, so you throw in the towel there ... and then you come here to post sad little personal attacks. Anonymously, even! I mean, come on. If I cared even the littlest bit about this I would be sad on your behalf.

I'm sure that my life is as uninteresting and boring as most other people's. I'm sure that your life is equally boring and uninteresting. SFW? You don't understand this, I know, but I'll tell you anyway: people can write what they want to on their own blogs. FÅ DET INN!!

I don't care what you think about what I post here. I don't care what anyone thinks. If I bore you to absolute tears I don't care!! This is my site to do with as I please. I don't understand why you care. Seriously - I annoyed you so much that you came over to my blog to post something stupid here to get at me? Think about what you're doing. You need to get something else in your life to focus on, this is so unimportant, and it's so pathetic that you care about it.

I think Gunnar was right and you were drunk when you wrote that first comment on his blog. You're nowhere near as incoherent and rambling here (although there are typos and a semantic error), so yeah, I think you were surfing under the influence. Now get out and, if at all possible, keep out. Since my thoughts & ponderings are of so little interest to you, I'm sure it will cost you nothing to stay the hell out of here in the future. I'm glad I was able to waste some time for you, now piss off. Sign your name next time (although I hope never to see you again, of course) or you'll be deleted.

Anonymous said...

Hjelp - så mange ord du bruker på å si så lite. Du må ha god tid.

Og nei, mitt navn er verken Steinar eller Gunnar.

Leisha Camden said...

Få det inn: I will use as many words as I like on saying whatever I like. Busy round your way on Fridays?? (<--irony)

Of course you aren't Gunnar, you idiot. Can't you read English?? There is no way to interpret what I have written above to mean that I think that you are Gunnar. First read, then type ... !!

Steinar Lindgren, however, you definitely are, and deleted you shall be from now on. Can't you just go spend your time on your own incredibly interesting and exciting life, why are you wasting your valuable time here??

Go on home now! Shoo!!

Anonymous said...

"and deleted you shall be from now on"

Trist egentlig - at en som baserer seg på at tekst er fri ikke aksepterer kritikk og avvikende meninger og tyr til sensur...

Du står vel kanskje ikke for så mye når det kommer til stykket - eller?

Jeg er ingen av de herrer du refererer til. Beklager om det gjør livet ditt vanskeligere når du ikke har noen å peke på.

Leisha Camden said...

Knurr. Nei, dette er ikke 'trist'. Dette er bare en meningsløs krangel på en ubetydelig blogg. Ta deg sammen. Og "avvikende meninger", er det mulig ... Hvis du ikke vet hva ordet "rant" betyr, så foreslår jeg at du skaffer deg en engelsk-norsk ordbok. Denne bloggposten er åpenbart ikke et opplegg for diskusjon eller uttrykk for ønske om feedback eller noe som helst annet - den er kun et uttrykk for en midlertidig frustrasjon over det faktum at verden er befolket av idioter ... en frustrasjon som du har lykkes i å drastisk forlenge, så gratulerer med det.

"Sensur" - ta deg sammen, menneske. Dra til Nord-Korea en tur, du, så kan vi snakke om "sensur". Det du gjorde der er så patetisk, og jeg er så drittlei av folk som trekker frem et så alvorlig ord for å beskrive sletting av noen dustete kommentarer på en tilfeldig blogg. Les litt historie og prøv å tenke deg litt om.

Se om du kan få dette inn i det lille hodet ditt: Din ytringsfrihet er ikke min publiseringsplikt.

Hva jeg står for aner du svært lite om, du interesserer deg ikke for det og det har heller ingen relevans her.

Takk for at du gjorde fredagen min litt dårligere, da! Håper du er fornøyd med deg selv. Nå gidder jeg ikke mer. Jeg er full av tomme trusler i dag, tydeligvis, men nå gidder jeg faen ikke mer.

Paz said...

someone not getting the hint, maybe you are too subtle

Leisha Camden said...

Mr "Anonymous": You really aren't too clever. "Comment moderation has been enabled"? Further comments from you will of course be deleted unpublished & unread. Starting with the one you wrote right before Paz wrote his. How much time do you plan to waste here?

Paz: You're probably right. After all, subtlety is what I am mainly known for, it's often hard to tell where I stand on a lot of things.

Leisha Camden said...

LOL!! Mr Anon. just sent a comment where he shouted at me that I'm a coward. LOL!! For my brutal censory ways, I guess. :-D Thanks, Anon., now my Friday's all better again! :-D

Yes, he is right, I am such a coward for not daring to publish his cutting & insightful comments on the fascinating debate this blog post opened up for. :-D Umm ... what? Mr "Anon"., here's the deal: there is nothing to discuss in this post, it's just me venting about something that I experienced that made me feel bad. In that connection, I don't appreciate bitchy comments designed to make me feel bad one more time ... and I actually, despite appearances, have better things to do with my time than to argue pointlessly with an anonymous stranger that I don't even like. So I took a simple step to send you back to Spamityville. Now go do something fun with your friends, seriously, it's the weekend!! :-D

Leisha Camden said...

Anon.: OK, seriously, it is the weekend. Call a friend, go out and have fun. The reason I'm not answering your questions is that I'm not reading them. Get it? We're done playing now. Go outside and play!!