Sunday, April 24, 2011

AUSTRIA 2011 - The Secret Is Love

So, the presentation is important, but the performer is important too. Which this entry shows us. Wow.

Austria used to be a real regular in the ESC, but that was way back when ... since about the mid-90s their participation has been somewhat irregular. They haven't been in the contest now for four years, and they didn't get results worth bringing home ... hence their lack of participation. But now they're back, and, fingers crossed, this year all of that will change.

This song, in itself, isn't necessarily all that. It's good, sure. It's a power ballad well worth a listen. But it's not necessarily anything out of the ordinary. What totally makes this entry is the singer's voice. She has a fantastic voice. The performance starts out pretty run of the mill, but when this chick gets going ... Wow. That really sums it up right there. Wow.

I've got my fingers crossed for Austria this year. Talent like this deserves to be rewarded. And a voice like this is sure to be noticed.

But listen for yourselves! This is Nadine Beiler performing The Secret Is Love, composed by Thomas Rabitsch and with lyrics by Nadine herself. Make sure you listen to the whole thing. Wow. :-)

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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