Sunday, April 3, 2011

MALTA 2011 - One Life

Malta is one of those countries where the ESC is more than just a contest. The Maltese are crazy about the ESC ... not that there's anything wrong with that, of course ... and they would go really crazy if it should ever happen that they won. They never have; their best results are two second places. Which isn't at all bad, of course. But it doesn't bring the contest to Valletta. I would love for Malta to win one of these years, just because they would be so totally happy about it and they would put their collective heart into giving us a hell of a show. :-)

But alas, that will not happen in 2012. I'm sorry to say it. They have been really struggling over the past five years. I would love to see them do better this year. But I'm not at all sure that they will manage to. There isn't anything really wrong with this song, it will no doubt be on my mp3 player before too long. But there isn't anything special about it either. Unless you want to count the singer's atrocious accent. ;-) It's just a standard pop song. It's catchy, and it may have people dancing then and there, but there's nothing special about it. Of course it depends on the competition, but I'm not hoping for very much for this song.

It will also depend on the presentation, which I really hope they will change before Düsseldorf. I am so not digging what they did in the national final. I mean, like the dancers. What is the deal with those faceplates?? And the singer's outfit too. No, change it, stat. Look to Serbia.

Well, I always have my fingers crossed for Malta in some small way. I can't vote for them, because they're in our semi, but good luck. :-) This is Glen Vella performing One Life by Paul Giordimania and Fleur Balzan. They will be competing for Malta on Tuesday, May 10th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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