Friday, April 15, 2011

SLOVAKIA 2011 - I'm Still Alive

Slovakia's a country that's been on the outskirts of the contest, so to speak ... they've only participated a few times, and they haven't done well when they have. But personally I like them a lot ... the last couple of years I've really looked forward to seeing what they'd bring to the metaphorical table.

They didn't disappoint me this year either. I like this song a lot ... but I'm not convinced they'll do much better than their usual. :-( It's a sweet and rather low-key ballad, and IMO it's quite beautiful. But it's also quite probably rather too low-key to make a real impression on the audience. It's beautiful, but at the same time a bit bland. It's probably going to be difficult for this entry to make a real impact on the audience on just the one listen. Here's hoping it won't be overshadowed by Belgium and Ukraine. :-) It'll be interesting to see how they'll present it too.

The song is performed by not one, but two beautiful young women, which of course can't be bad. So fingers crossed for Slovakia. Although I've had my fingers crossed for them for the past two years, and it hasn't really helped. Alas.

This is Daniela and Veronika Nízlová, who are indeed sisters, as TWiiNS (the less said about the name, the better) performing I'm Still Alive by Bryan Todd, Sandra Nordstrom and Brano Jancich. They will be competing for Slovakia on Thursday, May 12th. Good luck!!

Fullscreen here.

Lyrics here.

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