Monday, April 25, 2011

ESTONIA 2011 - Rockefeller Street

Does anyone remember the Swedish entry back in 2005 ... ? It was so weird because it was a Swedish song, in Ukraine, and it was about an American city. It was seriously bizarre. And they ended up seriously bombing. Listen to the lyrics of this year's Estonian entry and I'm sure you'll see why I'm bringing this up now.

But apart from that, this is actually a pretty darn good song. It has some features that are a little jarring - like the segue from the chorus to the verse, I'm not at all sure about that - but overall I think this is really good. Catchy and pretty original. I like it. I have a good feeling about Estonia this year. The presentation needs some tweaking, maybe especially her outfit (sorry) but the song itself ought to be a shoe-in for the top ten. At least. Good luck to Estonia. :-)

Check it out. This is Getter Jaani performing Rockefeller Street by Sven Lõhmus. He'll be competing for Estonia on Thursday, May 12th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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