Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA 2011 - Love In Rewind

When I posted about this year's German entry a couple of days ago and said how weird it was that they're sending the same singer as last year, I obviously didn't mean that it's weird for the same people to come back every so often, contributing in different ways ... the weirdness is that she performed the winning song literally last year, and now she's already back again. That is weird. But Dino Merlin being back again isn't weird. :-) Really. :-)

This will be his third time participating, but it's been a few years ago - he competed in 1993 and in 1999. He's also never won, but he did do pretty damn well the last time around ... he came 7th and that's Bosnia's best ever result apart from their absolutely beautiful entry in 2006, which as we all know ;-) came 3rd. The first time he competed he came 16th ... so, not so great. But that was Bosnia's first time in the contest, so 16 out of 25 was relatively respectable, all things considered. Anyway, he started out pretty low and climbed through the ranks with his next effort - so what will he manage this time around? :-D

I'm really not sure. He's obviously a charming guy, and I personally really like seeing older people in the contest ... he may get a few votes on that. :-) His voice isn't the strongest, but it suits the song. And there's nothing wrong with the song itself, as such. It's kind of fun ... rather low key, but that did work really well for Belgium last year. What I'm really not sure about is the performance. All that leg stamping ... the dancing, or whatever you want to call it ... the tambourine ... It's just all really kooky and I think that may put some people off the song, to be honest. It starts out well, but then they start acting all crazy. ;-) But they may well change that completely for Düsseldorf - the choreography you see in the video is obviously made for a stage that is much much smaller than they will have to deal with in Germany. So here's hoping. :-)

This is Dino Merlin performing Love In Rewind, his own composition - kudos for that. He will be competing for Bosnia & Herzegovina on Thursday, May 12th, when he will be opening the whole show. Good luck. :-)

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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