Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MOLDOVA 2011 - So Lucky

Yeah, this entry's pretty crazy-lookin'. And it sounds pretty out there too. But don't dismiss these guys at first glance. The audience likes them. How do I know that? Because six years ago, they came 6th ... with a song that wasn't entirely unlike this one. Remember in Kyiv, the band that sang about a grandmother beating a big drum, and who left one of their members backstage so that they could be joined on stage by ... wait for it ... a grandmother beating a big drum? Yup. That was these guys. :-)

This isn't entirely my type of music - it's a bit too noisy and unmelodious for me - but I still kind of like the entry. It's fun, and I really like that they're doing something a little off the wall like this. I'll be interested in seeing how they'll present it ... it's not a given (fortunately?) that they will have a unicyclist on stage in Düsseldorf. :-) But I'm sure that however they choose to do it, it'll be something different from the typical ESC fare.

Moldova's only been in the contest since 2005, and they've done well ... they've gotten to the final all of those years except one. IMO there's no reason to doubt that they will be in the final this year too. :-)

This is Zdob şi Zdub performing So Lucky by Marc Elsner, Mihai Gîncu, Roman Iagupov and Andy Shuman. Roman and Mihai are in the band. :-) They will be competing for Moldova on Thursday, May 12th.

Widescreen here.

Lyrics here.

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