Friday, April 1, 2011

Oslo Reptilpark

As I've mentioned before - on several occasions :-) - we don't have any real zoo here in Oslo, but we do have a reptile zoo, Oslo Reptilpark. It's a great place and something not to be missed if you visit the city. They have lots of fascinating animals (and the displays are often rotated so that if you visit several times you will not be seeing all the same animals) and displays made with lots of care and attention to detail. The only reason to stay away from the place may be if you suffer from herpetophobia ... although IMO that's only all the more reason to visit, since seeing these beautiful creatures under controlled conditions is the best way to start getting rid of your fear. :-) This is a video from my most recent visit, in December 2010. It was the winter meeting of the Herpetological Society. What better place for our meetings. :-)

Widescreen here.

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