Monday, April 11, 2011

POLAND 2011 - Jestem

Ah, Poland - proof that the diaspora vote is mostly a myth. They used to do OK, even did pretty well once, then started bombing, and now, well, that's kind of what we expect of them. Poland will bomb. I keep hoping that that will change some day. :-)

And who knows, maybe this is the year?? For my money this year's entry is one of the best they've ever sent. It's really weird - I started out not liking it at all, because it opens with such a strange unmelodious intro. But it gets SO much better and is actually a really cool and catchy song. AFAIK they will keep the Polish language lyrics in Düsseldorf - I certainly hope so.

The singer's voice isn't the strongest, but the song is so cool that you hardly notice it. :-)

I also hope they will change the choreography, because the way it was in their national final it kind of ruined the song a bit. It was just too much. Too many elements all beating each other over the head. IMO they should trim it down, keep it simple. Focus on Magdalena and get rid of all these distractions. It's dangerous to present an entry with too much in the way of trimmings ... the song gets lost in it. Wasn't it Slovenia who messed up like that in 2008 ... they had a really cool song that could really have gone somewhere, but the way they presented it was totally screwy, so people were turned off by that ... or failed to notice the song. :-D Same thing with Andorra that year. Their song was fun, but nobody listened to it, everyone was distracted by the guy in the green bodysuit. o_O

But where was I? Oh yeah, I'm digging this song. Just as long as they get the choreography and scenography right. Fingers crossed!! I so wish I could vote for them, but alas, they're in our semi. They're opening it, in fact, which should be good for them. Possibly not so good for our Stella to come on after this. But hey, let's be optimistic - maybe they'll get the audience going and she can surf on their wave. ;-)

Best of luck to Poland!! If they get to the final I will definitely be voting for them. :-) This is Magdalena Tul performing Jestem, which is, even better, her own composition. :-) Yay for Magdalena!! :-D She will be competing for Poland on Tuesday, May 10th. Good luck!!

Widescreen here.

Lyrics with translation here.

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