Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GERMANY 2007: Roger Cicero - Frauen regier'n die Welt

Another one of those days when I have zero energy and will resort to just posting an old ESC entry. My excuse, if I'd needed one, is that I have a head cold and feel like shit ... achy head, a lot of allergy-like symptoms which we don't need to go into, and what feels like a slight fever. So ... energy level low. Creativity down. Saved by the ESC!

This is the German entry from 2007. This year they sent a piece of shit, but in Helsinki they absolutely kicked ass. Of course they did badly - placed 19th in the finals, and even that was probably only due to their status as one of the Big Four, because unfortunately I don't think this song would have gotten through from the semi. I loved it, I think this is a fantastic song (in ESC terms ;-) and I listen to it a lot. Seriously, I do. :-) But it's not the type of song to do well in the contest. Unfortunately. It's the genre, it's the performance, it's the fact that it was in German (which I think is fantastic) ... it's just generally the whole thing. But it's a wonderful song and IMO it was great to see an entry like this. More proof that the contest is indeed branching out and embracing more and more types of music. :-)

This is Frauen regier'n die Welt by Matthias Hass and Frank Ramond, performed by Roger Cicero competing for Germany.

The title means ' women rule the world'. :-) Lyrics with translation here.


Ubesvart said...

Sorry! If you had been a little older, you would never have mentioned this one. Because then you would have remembered Germany in 1979 and 1981 :-)

Leisha Camden said...

I question your logic. It is faulty. This is a post about the fact that I like this song. You allege that if I had been older, I would not have liked it (this can be inferred from your first statement). How does that follow? Faulty logic. The fact is that if I had been older, I would probably have been more likely to like this song, not less, since it's a rather oldfashioned song.

Paz said...

sorry to hear about the cold, could be worse see this to make you smile
and on the german songs while your on youtube
get better soon