Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am sad ...

... about something I can do next to nothing about, and which everyone in the whole world could be whining about, if they felt like wasting their time on it.

Namely the fact that there are those among my countrymen - those whom I am forced to acknowledge as my countrymen, like it or not - who are SO FUCKING STUPID & IGNORANT that I really almost despair at the system of education in this country, and if that wasn't bad enough, I almost lose hope that there's any point in educating these snowed-in lackwits anyway. >:-(

What's brought all this on then? Well, indirectly, Joralf Gjerstad, the supposed healer/clairvoyant/all-around charlatan. I really ought to have written something about him long before now. But, well, I haven't. I am slow. :-) If you read Norwegian, you can read a couple of fantastic posts on the subject written by my blogger friend Gunnar Tjomlid - first post here, followup here. Those aren't what's got me so pissed off, though. (Those are in fact pretty fantastic.)

There's an article in Dagbladet today about how Gjerstad refuses to have his so-called abilities tested as part of a special on NRK's popular science show (pun intended ;-) Schrödingers katt. Gee, what a surprise. They've opened the article for comments, so ... let the good times roll, as usual. There are lots of wrongheaded, ignorant and just plain dumb comments ... but this one takes the cake. This one really takes the whole fucking bakery. (Yeah, I watched Shallow Hal this weekend. How did you guess. ;-)

(My translation.)

The placebo effect as it's called is the power of thought. That thought can be your own or for instance [Gjerstad's] that he shares with you through a tool (healing hands etc)

What the FUCK is wrong with people??? How is it possible to be so enormously ignorant and still be able to operate a computer?? It shouldn't be possible!! I don't want this person to be Norwegian. I seriously don't want to come from the same stock as this guy.

Read a book, people. (Not in any way saying that any of my readers are necessarily idiots. ;-) But sheesh, you never know what's out there.)


Leisha Camden said...

Article url: http://www.dagbladet.no/2008/12/30/kultur/litteratur/helse/4195139/#comments_container

I don't want to link this post to the article via Twingly, so I'm just adding the url here.

Truand said...

the idiots in your country are "smart" compared with the normal people in my country!... believe me you're lucky for being born there, you wouldn't believe what the ignorant people think, say, and do here.

Leisha Camden said...

Thanks for your perspective, and yes, you make a good point. But - and pardon me for saying so - as far as I know the school system in your country isn't the best ... and your national finances won't permit a great deal of improvement. Whereas Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, and we have the financial resources needed for a top-level school system ... pretty much everyone gets a relatively good education in this country. But the place still full of idiots. >:-) So that in a way makes it less acceptable to me, not more. Does that make sense??