Thursday, December 18, 2008

Worst Argument Ever

Dagbladet online published an article last night about how Denmark will in all likelihood give gay couples 'the right to adopt'. Which in itself is incredibly annoying, because it's obviously totally false - they won't give gays the right to adopt, no one will ever give gays the right to adopt, just like no straight people anywhere have the right to adopt. That right doesn't exist. What we're talking about is the right to be evaluated as adoptive parents, which is something completely different. It so bugs me that our stupid media can't get something so simple right. It messes up the debate. Anyway.

They opened this up for comments, and one poster wrote the following: I don't agree with this decision.

So relevant, right? He's a Norwegian citizen (it's safe to assume that), this is an article about domestic policy in Denmark. WTF does he care. He is of course entitled to his opinion, but why bother. But anyway, another poster asked him to explain why he took this position. He answered, and here it is, the Worst Argument Ever for why gay couples should not be allowed to adopt: the children can't go on vacation with their 'parents' to for instance Saudi Arabia, Iran or Sudan as homosexuality is illegal and is punishable by death.

ROTFLMAO!!!! Oh no! An end to those glorious summers in Sudan!! LOL!!! Who on earth in their right mind would even stumble on the idea of going to Saudi Arabia on vacay?? :-D Spring break in Tehran! LOL!

See, this is why the debate on this issue is so lopsided. It's not because we live in a PC society. It's because of dumbassery like this. I'm straight myself, but I strongly support gay rights - I'm not adopted, and I have no adopted children, but I think adoption is a wonderful thing and people should do it more. Those are my views. I'm not sure I can be talked away from them, but maybe if I was presented with some incredibly convincing arguments ... ? But when 'the other side' argues that I'm wrong because if my views are transformed into law, then a very small number of Scandinavian families will not be able to go on vacation to Saudi Arabia ... ? Which there is no way in hell they would ever even consider doing in any case. Then I'm probably going to stand by my opinion. :-D

In other news, congratulations to my cousin R. and to my friend Dag Erling, who are entirely unconnected but both have their birthday today. Happy birthday to both of you!! :-)

Play nice ... !! ;-)


Paz said...

we have an expression here 'any girl can have a baby, but you need a liscence for a dog', go figure, Agree with you, but why did you clarify that you are straight, should not matter, same as it should not matter the colour of your skin!
love the dogs, also wonder why dogs and cats are such bad spellurs!!

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, you're right, sometimes I really do think that people should be made to get a 'reproductive license' ... raising kids is the one thing we do that has the biggest impact on the world we live in, but any lackwit can do it ... like those idiots from New Jersey who've named their kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation and whatever the third one was called. Just so sad.

It is annoying that you have to specify your position, but I feel like it's necessary ... I don't know how many times I've stated my opinion on an issue just to be told something irrational like, You're only saying that about Israel because you hate Jews, You're only supporting gay marriage because you're gay yourself, The only reason you say that all Muslims aren't crazy terrorists is because you love Islam and you want to turn Norway into a sharia state. Whatever that even means. It's annoying, but sometimes I really feel the need to specify where I'm coming from so that people will know (if they're capable of understanding it >:-) that this is a matter of principle for me and not something I'm saying just because it concerns me personally. Do you understand what I mean?

loldogs try their bestest but riting iz so difkult ... !!

Lina said...

When I was younger and stated to my family that I thought gay people should be allowed to adopt, they got it into their heads that I must be gay too. Sat me down for the whole "it's OK with us if your gay speach". I'd bloody well hope so! But what on earth made them think I wouldn't just tell them and why can't I be for gay rights without being gay myself! Ridicilous. I did take the micky out of them thou fo quite awhile me and my best friend pretended we where engaged *hehe*.

Paz said...

I understand, but just highlighting that you should not need to mention that your straight, if people comment "your only saying that because your a lesbian" (or worse) then they are just showing their ignorance.
Lina, thats funny, my baby brother brought home the comedy "In and Out" it was the first video he ever picked out, my parents wondered for a few years and he milked it too, :)

Paz said...

Dogz only hav problemz with big wurdz

Mombi said...

I just LOL'd at your comments about vaycay in Saudi Arabia.

People are idiots.

Paz said...

Not just the Gay community that have troubles, I have cousin living in Saudi Arabia when she started going out with what is now her husband she had to bring a chaperone or else her passport would have been stamped with the word prostitute on everypage and she would have been put on the first plane out of the country, even if that plane was going to Siberia.

Leisha Camden said...

It's a crazy world out there. Paz, what a story about your cousin. But of course it's only what you expect from that country. What an abysmal shithole. I am ashamed that we (ie Norway) have so many trade connections with them. They should be treated like South Africa was under apartheid.

Lina: good story. Although perhaps a little mean to your parents ;-) but I can totally understand your temptation towards the joke. ;-) Merry Christmas!!