Monday, December 1, 2008

My calendar wall, October, November 2008

I love calendars.

Don't ask me why. It's a design thing, I think. I like pretty pictures, and fun pictures, and weird pictures … and of course collections of pictures like that are interesting to me; in fact, sometimes absolutely irresistible. Sometimes = plural. Yes. I can't have just one calendar. I have a day planner every year, of course, so that's one. But my main thing is wall calendars. Those are the ones I can't have just one of. I want to say that I've tried and it's impossible … that must have been back when I was a kid, though … but it is impossible, trust me. No can do. There are SO MANY cool calendars and picking one that I 'like the most' is completely beyond my abilities.

So what I have where most people would have one calendar is a calendar wall. Am I freaking you out yet? Just a little? ;-) Well, I am a weirdo, I'm not ashamed of it. I'm harmless. And I love calendars. My calendar wall has made me smile every day now for years. It works for me. And also, it lets my friends crack silly jokes, like my favorite board game nut (name withheld, at least for now; he may, probably will, crop up here again) who asks me, when we're sitting at my kitchen table playing some game and I'm facing the wall, he has his back to it: 'What date is it today, do you know?' Now that's just always funny. :-D

Anyway … I've decided that I want to chronicle the wall's changing appearance, so every month from now on, on the first of the month after I've turned over the pages on every calendar, I will take a picture and post it on the blog. This will be so interesting and fascinating, and will make me seem totally normal. Ahem.

For next year I've already got several calendars lined up and waiting, let me think … the Norwegian comic strips Pondus and Nemi, one with photos from Egypt, and one with the artist David Roberts' 19th-century drawings from Egypt. Only four so far, but just you wait … !!

October 2008

November 2008
You know that if I had to choose just one – just absolutely had to – I’d choose the Keanu one. You know it.


Mombi said...

My only question is which calendar do you write your appointments in or are they all sacred?

Anonymous said...

Aww that is cute! I like the idea! It also gives a sort of time theme, because you are constantly reminded of the passage of time.
I'm pretty absent-minded myself and cannot keep track of time (and when I'm with A, we could spend weeks together and not realize that any significant amount of time had gone by), so I find this interesting.
And if you think it's weird, well, well I was a kid, I liked the pictures of kittens and dogs and horses in my calendars so much that I would cut them out and use them as wallpaper, LOL.

Paz said...

I thought I was odd......

Leisha Camden said...

Write my appointments in?? Nah. I do that in my day planner. Or not at all if I don't remember to. ;-) It's not that they're sacred, it's probably more that it'd be so much hassle to choose one to use for that purpose. I can't pick just one ... :-)

I like to think of it as constantly having something nice to look at. And something funny too, because I always have some of my favorite comic strips up there.

Cutting out pictures from calendars and putting them up on the walls, why I never!! What bizarre behavior ... ;-)

Don't worry, Paz, I think we're both a little on that side. But it's nice to know there's someone worse than you, right? ;-)

The Cog said...

I believe your calendar wall to be just awesome...