Monday, December 29, 2008

Shoutout: I fremtiden

Today's post will be of interest mostly to Norwegian-speaking readers, alas. Or at least those who understand the language well enough to read it. Although this comic is funny enough to make it worthwhile learning Norwegian just to read it. ;-)

I just want to give a shoutout to this blog, 'the online home of the daily comic In the Future'. The artist & blog owner asked me to ... well, not me specifically, but just all his readers. I fremtiden is a comic which tells us what the future will be like. It's going to be very interesting, I can tell you that. Some people resent this comic on principle because it isn't drawn by hand, but on computer ... which some purists 'feel' is cheating. Well, I stomp on their 'feelings'! This is an extremely funny comic and the artwork is just right, so there.

Karstein Volle, the artist, posts a new strip every day. He's a very funny man. If you can understand simple sentences in Norwegian and you're curious about what the future will be like, then hesitate no longer! You will find what you seek ... In the Future!!

Some samples (click to enlarge, all translations mine):

In the future, we will all die from mercury poisoning because of all the fish oil we force down our throats to be healthy.
In the future, everyone will have super quick wireless networks everywhere.
We will also have tumors the size of oranges.In the future, robots will FINALLY take over.
In the future, they're coming for you.
And here's my favorite. I love this strip. This is the future that I have always dreamed of!!

In the future, there will never be white Knotts in the Knott bags.

What are Knotts?? The most special candy there is ... !!?


KAS said...

Bah. White Knott is the best!! :-D

Leisha Camden said...

Oh, you reactionary so-and-so ... !!!

Leisha Camden said...

Onwards to the future, leaving some white-Knott-eating weirdos behind ... !!

Findabair said...

Methinks I should create Leisha Camden's Commenters' Society for the preservation of White Knott..!!

Leisha Camden said...

What?? Another one?? I am surrounded ... !! :-o

volle said...

Hey Leisha, thanks for this. We can leave the white Knott's for the plebs. Have a GREAT 2009!

Leisha Camden said...

Hey, you're welcome, no problem. Happy new year to you too! :-)