Saturday, December 20, 2008

Turtle closeup: Raphael

This will be a very busy day for me ... oy vey, makes me tired just thinking about it. :-) I'm going to help Findabair and her boyfriend move to their new apartment (and she has SO many books - but I know, I shouldn't talk, glass houses and so on), then I'm going to meet up with my friend Kjersti (the one who got married this summer in the beautiful red gown, if anyone remembers that) to swap Christmas presents, and then, after that, I'm meeting up with two total strangers for a ... I don't know what exactly, we'll see. :-) Greek BookCrossers efou and quino-salonika are in town for the weekend and want to meet some local BCers - hey, I'm there. :-)

Anyway, little time to blog today. So here are some pretty pictures of my prettiest turtle - the one & only Raphael, up close and personal. Enjoy. :-)

He looks like he's smiling, but he's not. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, he's gorgeous! I love the pattern on his face and neck. :)

Leisha Camden said...

I know, he's beautiful. :-) The colors are so bright and clear. It's amazing how colorful some of these freshwater turtle species are. Raphael's species have this striped pattern on their skin because they live in water (ponds and slow-moving rivers) and when the sun shines on the surface of such bodies of water this type of pattern makes excellent camouflage. Nature is full of wonders. :-)

Paz said...

he's rather a dapper chappy, love the colours
two questions is the hand that carries him around trained, is it from the same genus as the hand in the Adams Family?

Leisha Camden said...

My fourth pet, Thing ... !! :-D

Findabair said...

Is he elegant or what :)

Did you know that Kjersti's husband is an acquaintance of my boyfriend by the way? It's a small world for sure :)

Leisha Camden said...

Yeah, I'd heard that, somehow or other - a small world indeed. :-)

And you call Raphael elegant - do you know the latin name for his species??