Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oslo Cinematheque program Jan/Feb 2009

In 2008, I had a resolution that I'd decided on that I totally failed to live up to. It was to go to the Cinematheque more (ie more than I'd done in 2007). I failed utterly & completely. Findabair got me to go to one screening during the OGLFF in June, and since then I haven't set foot there. Shame on me! In my defense, I have to say that at least during the second half of -08 they didn't have a lot on their programs that interested me. But I probably could have found a movie or two during what, six months ... so it's no real excuse. But I've just gotten totally out of the habit of going there. Which is seriously weird, because when I used to live at Slependen and then in Sandvika, which are both outside the city, I went to lots of screenings - I used to go there way more often back then than what I've done since I've actually been living in the city. So it's really weird.

I hope to do better this year. Didn't include it in my New Year's resolutions, cause obviously that didn't work. ;-) But here's hoping. On Thursday last week I was at the movies with KAS and trilltrall, the screening was at Saga and they had the Cinematheque program available there ... we all took copies and while we were waiting for the movie to start (review coming up :-) we discovered that this time, they've actually got a lot of good stuff up their sleeves. We're going to go really often now. Totally. Watch this space *cough* ...

Anyway ... I thought I'd blog about this, in an effort to get people to nag me to actually do this. KAS, trilltrall, I hope you're paying attention here - I'm doing this to help us. ;-) This is what I'm interested in seeing from this current program. If anyone's in Oslo and thinks any of this looks interesting too, let me know! I'm there! :-)


Saturday 24th, 6pm, Tancred
(Yes, they're doing Saturday screenings now!)
Benjamin Christensen: Häxan
This is a silent and this will be a concert screening! How cool is that! :-D

Sunday 25th, 4pm, Tancred
Victor Fleming: Gone with the Wind

Friday 30th, 8:30pm, Lillebil
Victor Fleming: Gone with the Wind

Saturday 31st, 3pm, Lillebil
Hayao Miyazaki: Porco Rosso


Wednesday 4th, 7pm, Tancred
Billy Wilder: The Front Page

Thursday 5th, 6pm, Tancred
Rikli/Buhre: Kampf um Norwegen

Saturday 7th, 1pm, Lillebil
Clements/Musker: The Little Mermaid
Saturday 7th, 3pm, Lillebil
Stephen Daldry: Billy Elliot

Sunday 8th, 4pm, Tancred
Gunnar Sommerfeldt: Markens grøde
Sunday 8th, 8:30pm, Lillebil
Billy Wilder: Some Like It Hot

Tuesday 10th, 8:3opm, Lillebil
Billy Wilder: Some Like It Hot

Wednesday 11th, 7pm, Tancred
Rikli/Buhre: Kampf um Norwegen

Saturday 14th, 3pm, Lillebil
Rob Reiner: The Princess Bride

Wednesday 18th, 7pm, Tancred
Ivan Pyrjev: The Brothers Karamazov

Thursday 19th, 6:30pm, Lillebil
Billy Wilder: The Seven Year Itch

The 70mm Festival 2009 opens on February 20th!! Don't miss it!!

Friday 20th, 7pm, Tancred
Robert Wise: West Side Story
Friday 20th, 10:15pm, Tancred
Ron Fricke: Baraka

Saturday 21st, 7:30pm, Tancred
Basil Dearden: Khartoum

Sunday 22nd, 12pm, Tancred
David Lean: Doctor Zhivago
Sunday 22nd, 3:30pm, Tancred
Aleksander Zarkhi: Anna Karenina

Monday 23rd, 8pm, Tancred
Richard Brooks: Lord Jim

Wednesday 25th, 6pm, Tancred
Aleksander Zarkhi: Anna Karenina
Wednesday 25th, 8:30pm, Tancred
Basil Dearden: Khartoum
Wednesday 25th, 8:30pm, Lillebil
Tian-Ming Wu: The King of Masks

Thursday 26th, 6pm, Tancred
Tim Burton: Batman
Thursday 26th, 8:30pm, Tancred
Robert Wise: The Sound of Music
Thursday 26th, 8:30pm, Lillebil
Tian-Ming Wu: The King of Masks

Friday 27th, 6pm, Tancred
Ron Fricke: Baraka

Saturday 28th, 2:30pm, Tancred
Robert Wise: The Sound of Music

So ... pick one of each, obviously :-D ... most movies are screened twice when they're on the program here. Tancred is much the better screen, it seats almost 200 to Lillebil's about 65. All the 70mm screenings will be in Tancred, of course. Full Cinematheque program here, full 70mm program included. Some good stuff. Hope I'll see you there. :-)


Margo said...

Enjoy, I wish I could come!

Leisha Camden said...

I'm sure you'd have a good time if you did. ;-) Here's hoping I'll get around to actually going to any of these - if I manage half of them I'll be happy. But it's a shame not to go there, because it's a great place. I'll do better ... :-)

Leisha Camden said...

Witchcraft Through the Ages - check! :-)

Leisha Camden said...

Gone with the Wind - check! :-)

Leisha Camden said...

The Front Page - check! :-)

Leisha Camden said...

Belated update:

Anna Karenina, Khartoum, The King of
, The Sound of Music - check!! :-)