Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ARMENIA 2010 - Apricot Stone

It's always exciting to see what the Armenians will come up with. They haven't been competing for long - only since 2006 - but they've consistently sent quality material and have done well every time. Their worst results, if you can even call it worst, is 10th place in Moscow last year. I fully expect to see the contest head to Yerevan before too long. :-)

Anyway ... the point is that I have high hopes of Armenia (which in their own language is called Hayastan, how weird is that?? :-D). And, way to go, they deliver again. This is a great entry ... one of my favorites this year. Beautiful singer with a lovely voice and a great stage presence, they can get far with just that. ;-) But the song itself has many strengths as well. A beautiful melody, pretty much as catchy as a ballad can get. Interesting lyrics, so much better than the usual lovey theme of ESC songs. (The German entry will serve as a good example of this, when I get that far. :-) To the extent that the audience understands English, or understands it well enough to get the point during the performance, this song will appeal to a lot of people down east. I love the title, it's so weird and meaningless, until you hear the song itself. Of course the English is a little shaky, but come on, it's the ESC, that's what we're here for. ;-) All in all a wonderful entry. I'm sure the Armenians will do very well this year too. Yerevan FTW!!

This is Eva Rivas (a rather un-Armenian name, isn't it) performing Apricot Stone by Armen Martirosyan and Karen Kavaleryan. They will be competing for Armenia on Thursday, May 27th, going on stage as #2, another thing in this entry's favor. Great slot for Armenia ... although I don't think they'll need it. :-)

Lyrics here.

Check out Rivas' official home page, here. I love it when people who speak bad English write websites in English. Now Eva is hardly preparing for the Eurovision song contest’s in Norway in May,2010. Eva is to present song “Apricot stone”(lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan, music by Armen Martirosyan). Aww!! :-D

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