Wednesday, May 26, 2010


What a show ... !!! :-D My ears were ringing so I could hardly sleep when I got home ;-) but it was FUN ... !!! :-D It's not the ideal way to see the show, because you see a lot less than you do at home in front of the TV set, and you keep turning your head to watch the big screen to the side of the stage - my neck still hurts - but it was a fantastic experience, I'm so glad I got the chance to go. Right now I'm watching the rerun on TV, and I have to say that Slovakia sounded much better in the arena than they did just now. I'm actually a little shocked. Hearing their performance now I'm not surprised that they didn't get through.

So, I had five favorites, and three of them got through. I was so nervous though, they didn't list Albania till towards the very end, and I was just thinking that if Albania doesn't get through then I will have completely lost touch with reality. But, yay, they made it. :-) Serbia too, unsurprisingly, and Iceland. The audience just went crazy when Iceland got the last slot. Aw. They love us, and we love them!! Go Iceland!! :-D

Finland didn't make it, though. That's so sad ... and surprising, I was sure they'd make it, especially judging by the response in the Arena, which was wonderful to their song. But you never know. Anne Ida said that maybe everyone thought that everyone else would vote for them, so no one actually did ... :-D I guess maybe that's part of it, the thinking that 'they'll get through anyway, so I don't have to vote for them' ... Alas! All Finns reading this, I would have voted for you if I could!!

I was surprised when I realized that we couldn't vote in this semi - for some reason I've been thinking that since we aren't in either, we should be able to vote in both. But no. It's so strange that it's the second we can vote in, though, the one with both Sweden and Denmark in it. Isn't it part of the point to keep us away from the Swedes? o_O Weirdness ... but I will be able to vote for Armenia, and that's the most important thing. ;-)

Anyway ... I lost hope for Slovakia about when the fifth country to get through was listed, I just had a bad feeling for them all night. Too bad. :-( Greece I was right about though. And I have to say this ... before heading off to bed, I'm exhausted! - that I think that when we get the info on the points scored yesterday (ie on Sunday) it'll turn out that Greece was #1 or close to it. And although their song is far from my favorite this year, I'm still so happy about that, because it really proves that this contest isn't about politics, at all.

If it had been about politics, Greece wouldn't have gotten any points at all this year. :-D

Best joke of the night: As soon as Hasnaoui read 'Serbia' I texted my friend N. to say congratulations. He said thanks, but that he thought that Iceland and Greece have the best songs. I said that if so, he must be very happy! He texted back that he was, but their respective ministers of finance aren't ... ;-)

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