Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Constitution Day 2010

A few pictures from Monday. I took strangely few pictures this year. But there will be a video pretty soon. :-)

25% flag waving fail.

100% flag waving fail!

But they finally got it right. ;-)

Part of our delicious feast ... and look, what a beautiful bouquet of flowers KAS had decorated with.

Toasting Norway and birthday girl AudiX78 in my traditional May 17th jello. ;-)


Paz said...

and only one Bunad between ye

AudiX78 said...

well, one bunad in progress too... takes a while to meke those things...

Leisha Camden said...

Actually, to be fair, there were two - the photographer was also wearing hers. ;-) And next year Audi will have finished hers ... !!! You've promised us now, so you'll just have to do it. ;-)