Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IT'S ON ... !!!!!

... and I'll be there ... !!! :-o

I was planning to watch the semifinals at home - where of course I would have the best possible view ;-) - but thanks to Anéa, I'm going to be there!! OMG!!! :-D Anéa, you are so sweet, thank you so much for thinking of me. Although it was perhaps a rather natural thought ... ;-)

So, I obviously won't be blogging live about this semi ... I'll be watching it live instead. In 35 minutes I'm out of here to see Croatia and Armenia - yay, Armenia!! - perform live in Eurovision Village downtown before I meet up with Anéa, Anne Ida and hopefully Anéa's cousin to head out to Telenor Arena. I'm atremble with excitement ... !! :-D But before I go, some predictions.

Competing nations today:
Bosnia & Herzegovina

I have five favorites in this semi that I'm really hoping will get through to Saturday: Slovakia, Finland, Serbia, Albania and Iceland, in no particular order. Who will make it??

Out of my favorites, I'm pretty sure that Albania, Finland and Serbia will get through. Albania I think is a shoe-in this year. I'm pretty sure Iceland will make it too, and Slovakia hopefully, but I'm not entirely sure about them. I've been thinking that Greece wouldn't stand a chance, because they're not really very popular at the moment *cough* generally speaking *cough*, but looking at my views on Youtube I see that the video I posted of the Greeks performing in the Village is one of the most popular ones, by far. And their entry is catchy and fun when you see it live. So I'm betting Greece will be there on Saturday too. Macedonia, quite probably ... and maybe Belarus. If the TV audience don't understand much English, Latvia may make it, their song is very pretty. The music, I mean. ;-)

It's difficult, though - the field is so even this year. Very few songs that stand out above the crowd and very few real clunkers. It's got me stumped. :-)

Songs we won't see again ... ? Russia, I hope. >:-) Moldova, Belgium, Estonia ... Portugal, unfortunately ...

OK, I am so psyched that I can't figure this out anymore. Eeep ... !!! Gotta go, see you tomorrow!!! :-D


pipsa said...

Hopefully you will have/had an amazing experience!
I'll be cheering for Portugal, Iceland, Greece and Malta - in no special order, no special favourites on this round, but just hoping they'll go to the finals! Yay, it's ESC night!

James said...

Thanks very much for your text message, in response to which I can only say ... I'm bloody glad I was busy cleaning toilets at the time.

KLMircea said...

Sooooooooooo great SemiFinal.
Norway did a very good job. The stage was sooo original. I hated all LCD Screens that we have on stage for every year. This time was soooo cool. Simple lighs that do so much. I love Stefan Raab and Bundesvision and that ESC 2010 was modern as the German Contest :D:D:D

Bosnia was a big surprise. I'm a fan now. Poland and Slovakia did the same mistake like Romania last year with soooo much on the stage and thik that this was the reason not to see them in Final.

Russia was not bad on the Stage.

I hate Portugal (sorry) and think this is the jury choise.

I also love for the first time this year Greece.

See you all in Bucharest in 2011 :D

pipsa said...

Russians really showed themselves how much they appreciated the competition and how they felt about their own song - couldn't they even get a bloody photo for the singer to hold?!? It should have been Poland rather than Russia! :crying murder:

Anéa said...

Glad you could join! But to be fair, I only gave you those tickets on behalf of Knut. Knutern!


He was in the "Sound of Europe" number too, in the famous role "monk to the left"... Ha-ha. Because of this he got the tickets, and I was more than happy to pass them on to you, as I've enjoyed your ESC blogging immensely.