Saturday, May 22, 2010

CROATIA 2010 - Lako je sve

Croatia is a country I really want to like in the ESC, because a good friend of mine lives there - she's Croatian, from Zagreb - and it's such a beautiful country ... but I had a hard time doing so for a while, they've sent such middling songs. Just ... meh. Or worse, of course. ;-) But then in Belgrade their entry was SO amazing ... !!! I just love that song so much, it is so beautiful and so incredibly charming. I love it. :-) And their song last year was wonderful too. So my hopes were much higher this year.

These were somewhat shaken when I realized the performers would be the girl group with perhaps the dumbest name evar - Feminnem. (I mean, what is that?!) They performed the Bosnian song in 2005 ... in English, brr. This year they're singing in Croatian, fortunately. ;-) But where was I.

Oh yeah - it's a good song. :-) Actually a very good song. A beautiful melody. The contest is just flooded with ballads this year ... too many, IMO, it's difficult to keep them apart. Ballads are traditionally a hard sell in the ESC, and I think it's going to be even more difficult this year, partly because of the voting system and partly because it's just so many of them. But this one really ought to stand out. A lovely melodious song, performed with good voices and a lot of feeling. The official video is pretty screwy, but we're not going to be watching that, so hopefully that won't matter. :-) I just hope the performance on stage won't be too weird. Fingers crossed. :-)

A very pretty ballad that should definitely get to the final. Here's hoping. :-) This is Feminnem (shudder) performing Lako je sve by Branimir Mihaljević, Pamela Ramljak and Neda Parmać. They will be competing for Croatia on Thursday, May 27th.

Lyrics with translation here.

For those of you who are interested, check out my Youtube channel - there was a concert tonight in City Hall Square where seven of the entries were performed, and I was of course there and recorded most of it. :-) Three videos are up now, and more will be uploaded soon ... and there are more of these concerts planned, so check back, I'll be adding a bunch more videos. :-) It was really fun to see the entries performed on this pretty tiny stage, and people had a great time, so stop by if you get the chance. :-) You can see the program here.

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