Sunday, May 2, 2010

PORTUGAL 2010 - Há dias assim

Oh, Portugal ... !! I so want Portugal to win the ESC one day ... ! They try so hard, but they never seem to make it. They've been in the contest since almost forever - more than 45 years, although they haven't participated every year - and they so want to win, the poor souls, but they've never placed better than 6th. And that was almost 15 years ago now, too. They just never seem to make it. But they do try ... ! I applaud them for effort - and, even more, for always singing in Portuguese - and I so much hope that one day they will achieve their lofty goal and we will all tune in to Lisboa 20xx ... !! :-)

As for this year's entry, I'm afraid it's not a winner either. Too low key, too anonymous. Although it is a very pretty ballad performed very well by a singer with a good voice ... so nothing wrong with the song, per se. Nothing wrong with the performance, either. A good effort from Portugal this year, and they can hold their collective heads up, but this entry just lacks that extra something that makes a song stick in people's minds.

Compare this song to Molitva and my point will become obvious ... :-)

This is Filipa Azevedo performing Há dias assim by Agusto Madureira. He will be competing for Portugal on Tuesday, May 25th. Good luck to him!!!

Lyrics here.

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