Friday, May 28, 2010

Just one more day ...

... but not for us! :-) Tonight is what they call 'dress rehearsal 2' which is basically the same show as the final except for the voting. This is the event that NRK will be taping to have as a backup in case something should go wrong with the live broadcast tomorrow night. It starts at 9pm and Anne Ida, KAS, trilltrall and I will be there. I've made one Armenian flag and one German one, and of course we'll all be bringing our own Norwegian flags as well.

Let the music play ... !!! :-D

Update, much later.

Excellent show!! V. excellent show indeed. We loved it. :-) So many great performances and so much fun to see. I'm SO glad we went. :-)

Some thoughts ... the sound is a great deal better live in the Arena than what comes across on TV. I noticed this first with Slovakia on Tuesday, and now again with Armenia at Eurovision Village, yesterday and today. Other than that, though, I think NRK has done a stellar job. The production as a whole has been scaled down a lot from last year's Soviet extravaganza, and IMO it's better for it. I love the light effects. It was interesting to see the reactions in the audience to the various entries ... Belgium got much less of a response tonight than Tuesday, and Israel was received in a rather lackluster fashion. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Germany was totally OTT. I love Germany this year. :-) She could hardly get off stage, the whole audience just went wild. France also got a fantastic reception. And of course Norway did too ... rather unsurprisingly. Although our entry would have been wildly cheered regardless, even if it had been the most abysmal crap. ;-) Didrik has conquered the hard t and has generally improved his diction a great deal, and he sings so much better than he did just a few short months ago. His nerves also seemed to be mostly gone ... fingers crossed that they really are, and that it wasn't just the fact that he knew that he wasn't really competing tonight, but just pretending. ;-) The UK entry was a total piece of shit and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. That's all from me tonight - see you tomorrow ... !! ;-)

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Paz said...

Its so sad to hear its nearly over 'cough' I was enjoying all this ESC stuff. Only heard Irish radio talk about Niamh for the first time yesterday