Sunday, May 16, 2010

ROMANIA 2010 - Playing With Fire

Romania is one of my favorite countries in the ESC. They've sent some really wonderful songs. Especially in 2005 and 2006, I just loved their entries both those years. Still do. :-) So I'm always looking forward to seeing what they'll come up with. And I'm of course extra happy to see their entry this year, since it has a Norwegian element. And not just any 'element' ...

Ovi Martin is Romanian but has grown up in Norway, and he really loves the ESC ... he's been in our national contest twice, with some pretty good songs. Last year he almost made it ... he got through to the last round ... but of course our little hobbit was totally unbeatable. ;-) But he really wants to be in the show ... !! And this year he's kind of made it. It isn't his own song, but at least he's performing it. And it must be so cool for him to be performing the Romanian song on stage here in Norway. Kudos to Ovi ... !! :-D

And what's even better is that the song is good too. I like this entry a lot ... it has a great beat and is really catchy, and it's a relief to see a good uptempo quick song in this sea of ballads. I really like this combination of singers too ... these two look good together, they've got chemistry and their voices work really well together. I think that how well this song will do is going to depend to a large extent on the presentation. The song itself has a lot of potential, but the performance needs to look good too. Fingers crossed that they'll do something classy with it ... !! :-)

This is Paula Seling and Ovi Martin performing Playing With Fire by Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu. He will be competing for Romania on Thursday, May 27th. Good luck!! :-)

Lyrics here.


pipsa said...

This is my favourite along with Azerbaijan this year. Not that I'd be nuts over either song, but these two have the most potential, if they get their performances right. Shame though, that it comes down to your stage presence in the end, just a song isn't enough anymore.

KLMircea said...

I'm from Romania and love the song. Hope to be good on stage. I feel we could win this :D

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