Sunday, May 9, 2010

LITHUANIA 2010 - Eastern European Funk

Unlike the other two Baltic nations, Lithuania has never won the ESC ... in fact, far from it. Their best result was an astonishing 6th place in 2006 - pardon my French, but that song sucked ass - other than that, they've generally done badly. I'm almost sorry to say that I don't think their entry this year will change that in any dramatic way.

However!! In some ways I do like this song a lot. I don't particularly care for the style of music, it's not my thing ... and in any case I think this melody is too flat, it appears catchy at first, but gets repetitive and, alas, slightly annoying. But the lyrics!! I love the lyrics. They are so creative and funny and tongue in cheek. Absolutely charming, and perfect for the ESC. :-) Only problem is that poor English diction on the one hand and lack of English skills in the audience on the other may combine to render the lyrics less than understood. But kudos for this effort, regardless. :-) The performance isn't half bad, but it may have limited appeal. I wonder if they'll bring their silver glitter hotpants to Oslo ... ?? :-D

This is Inculto performing Eastern European Funk by ... themselves! :-) This is their second time in the contest (although the first time, in 2006, they came 2nd in the national final) and they will be competing for Lithuania on Thursday, May 27th.

Lyrics here.

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