Thursday, May 20, 2010

BULGARIA 2010 - Angel si ti

Bulgaria can generally be relied on to suck beyond belief in the ESC. They debuted in 2005 with something completely horrendous that I've fortunately mostly succeeded in blocking from my mind ... and they've for the most part continued this tradition since. In 2008 they suddenly came up with something fun and different and pretty cool ... but of course it didn't last. They managed to place surprisingly well in 2007, 5th place with something really weird, but strangely catchy. That, however, is the only time they've even managed to qualify for the final. It's a weird country, ESC-wise. This year ... ?

This year they have IMO risen above their usual standards, although this entry is nowhere near the best and probably won't qualify. But it doesn't suck. :-) Unfortunately the performance in the national final was atrocious ... check it out below ... it has weird choreography, the singer wears an awful outfit (I hate his t-shirt so much) and they ought to get an award for Most Extreme Overuse of Wind Machine. So it's an OK song presented really badly. His voice isn't half bad - I gotta tell you, this song is SO much better on CD. ;-) It does get rather repetitive and isn't very hummable ... so no prizes for Bulgaria this year, but nothing to be ashamed of either.

This is Miroslav Kostadinov performing Angel si ti that he cowrote with Mihail Mihailov. Serious props for writing it himself. They will be competing on Thursday, May 27th.

Lyrics with translation here.

Ooh, and happy Draw Muhammed Day!! I can't draw for shit, or else I would have made a drawing. But here's an interesting post about someone else's drawing and what someone said about it.

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pipsa said...

Gymnastics on a piano I would love to see someone pull a Jerry Lee Lewis and set theirs on fire!