Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BELARUS 2010 - Butterflies

OK, the Belarusians have sent some weird songs to the contest, but I'm sorry to say that some of them I have really really liked a lot. Especially their entry in 2007, wow. :-) They do tend to try pretty hard ... and kudos for that, although of course we can't ever let them win. Obviously. But I always look forward to seeing what they'll come up with.

This year they surprised me. This song is nothing like what I was expecting from them. A sweet ballad, very prettily performed and with a striking melody. No offense to any Belarusians reading this, but I totally didn't see that coming. ;-) I like this song a lot, I liked it instantly as soon as I heard it ... once I'd gotten over the initial surprise. :-) I think this song has the potential to do really well. It may be too low-key to truly stand out, but I think they'll overcome that ... I think that this song will stick in people's minds. I also think that the new voting system - that we can vote from the beginning of the show - will work strongly in this song's favor. Admittedly the lyrics are pretty cheesy, but I think the main reaction this will get from audience members is Aw, that's so pretty. :-)

I'd wish them good luck, but, well, obviously not. I suspect I should rather wish them the opposite with this song. ;-)

This is 3+2 performing Butterflies by Maxim Fadeev and Malka Chaplin, who'll be competing in the first semi, on Tuesday, May 25th.

Lyrics here.

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