Saturday, May 22, 2010

TURKEY 2010 - We Could Be the Same

OK, now, Turkey this year was a really pleasant surprise for me. They've got a history of sending sometimes good stuff and sometimes, well ... pardon the pun, but ... turkeys. Sometimes they come up with something good and sometimes they send the most amazing pieces of shit. However, they never fail to qualify. They have never not been in the final, for as long as there has been a final to either qualify for or fail to do so. If that makes sense. :-)

Anyway, this year I would be surprised to not see them there. This is a kind of poppy rock song with a great beat and a catchy ... not only chorus, but verse too. It has creativity and musicality, and the performance is energetic. Turkey has potential this year. The problem is that they may appeal mostly to the younger segment of the audience ... but I hope they'll be able to overcome that, they really deserve to, with this song. Kudos to Turkey. :-)

This is Manga - or they may spell it maNga, I'm afraid - performing We Could Be the Same by Ferman Akgül. He will be competing for Turkey on Thursday, May 27th. He is a member of the band, so he will be performing his own song. I like that. :-)

Lyrics here.

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Anéa said...

Sending turkeys... You didn't!! Haha!