Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another thought

One thing that I was forgetting yesterday did return to me. It’s about flea markets and how I missed some because of my trip. Well, actually, I missed a lot. Back when we were deciding on dates for the trip, it never occurred to me that I would be away during an important part of the flea market season. :-o Yeah, obviously, I would much rather go to Egypt than to a couple of flea markets. Goes without saying. :-) But ideally I would have been to both. >:-) Alas, it is an imperfect world.

Both weekends that we were away were huge flea market weekends. No way would I ever have been able to get to them all. I don’t think I could have managed that even if I’d had a car. (Or a driver’s license, whatever. :-) I wouldn’t even have tried. But there were a couple that I normally always go to, that I’d planned to visit and review here. Two first and foremost. The one at Tåsen elementary I normally always go to, and usually with my friend Findabair. It’s her old school, and her baby sister goes there now, so we like to support them. :-) It’s also a really good flea market with lots of books and relatively good prices, and they normally have lots of interesting stuff in their auctions. And this spring they didn’t have their normal spring flea market because the school was being refurbished. So … a while since I’ve been there now.

I also would have gone to the one at Stenbråten elementary, which is usually a good place to find books. I’ve made some unusual finds there. They have several things going for them … one is that they’re very easy to get to, just get on the subway, and they’re very close to the station. They also do something rather unusual, which means that they normally have a great selection of items – they accept contributions throughout the year, every Wednesday I think, not just for a few weeks right before the event. And also – get this – they don’t throw away the books they don’t sell. Almost everyone does, but these people don’t. They have some storage facility at the school where they keep the books between flea markets. So they always have a big book section. The sellers are also really friendly when it comes to prices. I really recommend this flea market.

Anyway … I’m not heartbroken about missing these, because the two absolutely unmissable ones are on post-vacation dates :-) this fall – Grünerløkka and Bolteløkka elementaries. Reviews coming up … sooner or later. I know I should stop going to flea markets, I have too many books as it is, but I just can’t help myself. It’s a compulsion. Do not send help.

Blogger seems to be having some problems at the moment; pictures aren’t uploading correctly. They all turn out HUGE regardless of which size you specify. I’m going to try to put some pictures in this post, just to see if the solution I’ve had recommended to me will work. Completely unimportant pictures. :-) They’re from the cruise, that is, I took them during the cruise. My feet have tanned in an interesting pattern, look:

Because of these:

Best sandals ever, I luvz dem. I’m so happy that I accidentally bought them to while away some time while waiting for Anne Ida in Asker one afternoon this summer. Maybe I’ll tell that story sometime too. :-)


kccat said...

It's been a really long time since I have been to a flea market. Most of the big ones around me are pretty much done now because of the weather.

I get interesting tan lines too from summer shoes. Hopefully they don't last too long.

Paz said...

they are prob wondering how their sales are down this year too. I still the tan on my feet too from the hiking sandals I wore in the summer. my feet are not as photgenis as yours though.

Paz said...

forgive spelling, only saw it there

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever been to a flea market, but I love funny tan lines. i had a great one last year, with gradations from wearing ankle socks, ballet shoes, and flip-flops so that my leg was darker than my ankle, which was darker than the top of my foot, which was darker than my toes.
Your sandals look so comfortable!

kccat said...

Your link to the crazy lady starter kit made me laugh. Thanks.

Leisha Camden said...

kccat: the flea market season around here usually lasts till about early/mid-November. But the ones leaving it till that late are running a risk of some seriously shitty weather ... Q.E.D., actually, as it's snowing today. :-)

Glad I could make you laugh with the lolcat! :-)

paz: yeah, I feel bad for them, they really need that money. I've failed in my responsibilites. Shame on me. :-(

margo: you poor thing!! Never been to a flea market?? :-o You need to come visit and I'll take you to some ... !! ;-)

I wish I could have seen your feet last year, they must have looked hilarious. :-D My sandals are Timberlands and they're the most comfy sandals I've ever had. Plus they also look nice, which is a somewhat rare combination. It was a total coinkydink that I came across them and bought them. I'm really happy about that as they were wonderful to have in Egypt. We walked a lot and I was grateful for such comfortable shoes. :-)

RHJ said...

Stusselig loppemarked på Rødtvedt for et par ukers tid siden.

Du gikk ikke glipp av mye der!