Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy 8th to Raphael!!

Happy hatching day, or whatever. My little chelonian grouch is 8 years old. Or close enough. ;-) I've also had him for two and a half years today. How the time does fly. I still remember the first time I met him - he didn't like me at all, didn't want anything to do with me. I tried holding him but he just wanted to get away and climb into his then owner's lap. But he likes me now. :-)

To celebrate, some pictures of the birthday creature. Here he is just having done one of his favorite things - climbing to the highest point. Of whatever. He really, really likes that. :-) The highest point is very important to him. :-)

Here he is in his pond out on the balcony - this must have been in the summer of 2006. His first summer with me. But he still looks the same. ;-) I was standing over him with the camera - maybe you can see my reflection - and he's looking up at me, curious to see what I'm doing. Turtles are very curious animals, always getting into things and clambering on things. :-)

In case anyone's wondering where they are now that I'm away, the answer is that they're home alone. Pretty good pets. :-) KAS and trilltrall are stopping by every few days to feed them and check on them. I've been receiving regular reports. Thanks, guys!! I really appreciate it, so much!! When you get your degus you'll know who to ask to petsit ... ;-)

In other news, I'm still in Egypt ... :-) We left the ship this morning, after an incredibly fun outing - seeing Luxor from the sky during a hot air balloon ride. :-D It rocked. :-) We've checked into our hotel, the Luxor Iberotel - not our first choice, but ... relatively acceptable. ;-) We had to get up at an insane hour this morning - 3:45am - so after getting here we had zero energy left and just lazed around by the pool all afternoon, sunning and swimming, and finally watching the sun set across the Nile. Life is good. :-) Tomorrow - another excursion to see yet another temple. The 12th, I think ... I've lost count. They're all so amazing though. Pictures have been taken. ;-)

Take care, everyone, and thanks for stopping by!!


Anonymous said...

The birthday creature is super cute, and Egypt sounds great, too! Thanks for the pics :)

Leisha Camden said...

Aw, thanks. He is a rather handsome specimen, if I do say so myself. :-) As for pictures, you ain't seen nothin' yet ... ;-)

Findabair said...

Belated congrats to the lovely creature! His "toes" (for lack of a better word - claws?) on his front feet are just sooo elegant :)

Leisha Camden said...

'Claws' is the word you're looking for, Findabair. :-) You know what those are for, right?