Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look what I found ... !!

ZOMG ... !!!

I stopped by Platekompaniet in Sandvika Storsenter this afternoon, just whiling away some time, and I found this. I knew it was out - September 26th, I think - but I hadn't seen it anywhere before today. Haven't looked, either, but still. :-)

But get this. I didn't buy it. :-o Yeah, believe it! I'm going to wait till the price drops. Which never takes long. See, I can too restrain my impulses!!


Paz said...

we'll know when you succumbed to the pressure there will be a break from the rants :P

Leisha Camden said...

Yes, you'll know it ... !! ;-)

Janne said...

Why would you care about "Mannen som elsket Yngve"?


(PS - still me.... for some reason Blogger have refused to accept my Livejournal ID the last couple of days. Annoying!)

Leisha Camden said...

Funny lady ... !!

I actually did like that movie a lot, you know ... although it did seem to be missing one vital, hm, ingredient ... ;-)

Stupid Blogger, hope it works itself out soon ...