Monday, October 27, 2008


Today’s post – some random thoughts. Not necessarily connected or interesting.

It’s strange to be back home, but it feels really good too. Travelling is fun, but there is one part of it that I just think is … awful. The journey home. When you’re going to whatever place you’re going to, then you have something major to look forward to and the travelling is no big deal, cause you’re excited about arriving and about everything you’ll see. But going back is basically nothing but hassle. Sure, it’ll feel good to be home again. But it’ll hardly be a pinnacle of excitement. I am always SO grateful to be back home again. Because then the worst part is over.

The trip was amazing. Best vacation ever. We got to see so many fantastic things, and so much of it was so incredibly impressive. ‘Awesome’ isn’t a word I like to use, because it’s so overused – and inappropriately used – but it’s really the only adjective that fits. When you stop to think about what it really means. I am so happy that I got to go on this trip and have these experiences. And I’m so grateful that I brought such a big memory card for my camera … !

The turtles were just fine when I got back. As I was sure they would be. The little guys acted like they’d just seen me two hours ago. :-D Raphael on the other hand kind of freaked. I’m so happy that KAS and trilltrall have been by to check on them, because that way at least he’d seen some humans while I’d been away. He hadn’t entirely forgotten that we exist. :-) I think if he saw absolutely no humans at all for, let’s say a couple of months, he would go feral or something :-D and be way out there terrified when one of us did pop up. As it was he did not feel very comfortable in my presence. I took him out of his pond and into the hall with me while the little guys were eating – he’d be eating soon too – and as soon as I put him down he scurried away, tried to hide under the shoe shelf and just basically getawaygetaway!!omg!!1! :-) I’ll have to put in some major interaction with him now to get him used to me again. The little weirdo. I’ve missed the three of them, but they haven’t missed me. That’s part of what makes them such great pets. I usually phrase it this way: they’re happy to see me, but they’re not unhappy to not see me. :-)

In other news, not much had happened in our absence. Basically pretty much nothing. I checked in at Dagbladet online a few times during the trip, but found surprisingly little of interest. The crown princess had gotten a concussion, a farmer had dumped one of his sheep in the fjord with rocks tied to its legs, a few days of bad weather were expected, someone got voted off Strictly Come Dancing, Iceland was going to hell in a handbasket and we were going to help them, poor bastards, something had wreaked havoc with Gjønnes subway station. Watch my careface … It’s odd how you follow the news so closely when you’re at home, and really care about it and are genuinely interested in … current events, or whatever. Then when you get to somewhere where you just can’t follow it constantly, and you miss a lot … or do you? When you check back again it’s like … what, was this everything?? It’s like a soap opera on TV. While you’re watching, it looks like something’s happening … but if you stop following it for a while, you’ll see that nothing ever really happens. :-) I love Norway. :-)

I had some other thoughts too, but I can’t remember them exactly now. Hm.


Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Leisha, sorry to write you here, but I read you were having problems with your photos on the Blogger help group. So Am I! Did you resolve it yet? Any suggestions? My email is
I appreciate any help.

Paz said...

Instead of awesome try 'awesomnity' or 'Gorgoscity' why confine your thoughts,
I get pissed off when I come back from holidays and find that the world has continues to run perfectly in my absence, animals can be the cruelest, you often get the sideways look of disdain that says 'who the f*ck are you and where's the other one that has been feeding me'

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, and here is a comic you might like about Norway and religion. I thought of you while reading it and laughing.

Leisha Camden said...

Proud Italian Cook: the only solution I've found so far (here's hoping Blogger's working on it!!) is to go in with the Edit Html option in the editing window and resize every image. If you look at an old post that came out right you will be able to see (in the editing window) the correct dimensions. Edit your new posts to match. An incredible hassle, I know ... I hope they'll fix it soon, I have SO many pictures to post right now. >:-(

Paz: you're funny. :-) Are you having problems uploading pictures too? I've noticed that you haven't posted anything for a few days.

Margo: thanks! And I've actually already seen that comic. Some friends of mine even have it on their fridge. I agree, it's hilarious. Something JP might want to think about maybe. ;-) And you thought of me - aww. :-)

Paz said...

I have not posted photo’s because where I was last 2 weeks not the most photogenic, it is Irelands equivalent of the ugly kid in the school photo’s that is put in the back of the class to make the group look better. Also when I put up photo’s that I have taken before the pesky Norwegian who shall not be named (findabair) calls me on it : D

Leisha Camden said...

Oh, OK. I hope you'll visit somewhere nice soon, then. Or you can just post some old pictures - don't let findabair get to you, she can be nitpicky sometimes ;-) but she means well ... :-)

Findabair said...

don't let findabair get to you, she can be nitpicky sometimes ;-) but she means well ... :-)

Pffft, I'm not nitpicky, I'm just thorough. It's a big difference you know!


Paz said...

Findabair same difference nit picky/thorough :P
BTW Leisha I have problems when Itry to load photo's with firefox, I have no problems with MS explorer.

Leisha Camden said...

OK, thorough. Let's call it thorough. ;-)

Whatever the problems was with the photos it seems to have resolved itself now. Everything seemed to be back to normal yesterday. And I was having problems in Explorer, so ... certainly something weird's been going on, I hope it has been fixed.