Monday, November 10, 2008

It's almost here ... !

At they're listing the opening date in this country as December 12th.

Oooh ... !!!


RHJ said...

Wow! It's new movie with John Cleese! :-)

Margo said...

This looks good!

Paz said...

are you counting down by the day, the hour or the minute :D

Elin said...

NICE poster! Just look at his eye!

RHJ said...

Just look at his eye ... and you'll see it's not a real eye!

Leisha Camden said...

Margo: I hope it is good, I'm optimistic. I haven't seen the original (I want to, but the opportunity's never arisen - that movie isn't a cult thing here like it is in the US), so I don't know much about the story, but I actually think that may be a good thing, I'll be open minded and take this movie for what it is on its own.

A big plus: Jennifer Connelly's in it, she's always good. I loved her in Dark City.

Paz: I think I'll be counting down by the day - tomorrow there'll only be one month to go ... !! :-o

Elin: I agree, it's a great poster ... but I think all of the posters for this movie have been really good, the art department at Fox have done great work on this movie. This poster is the kind you have to look at twice and then you realize Oh, look at that ... :-)

The first poster they released is this one:
I like that one too, but for some reason this is my favorite ... ;-)

RHJ: Stating the obvious, much?? Of course it isn't an eye, that's the whole point!! Sheesh. How about you stop making up stupid and unfunny jokes and instead answer the question I asked in the comments to the previous post?? If you can, which I doubt.

RHJ said...

Kriterier for den åpenbare og selvsagte er muligens litt forskjellig mellom folk for diverse temaer? ;-)

Men, ta det med ro! Jeg skal ikke plage deg med flere kommentarer ... fra og med ... nu! :-)

Leisha Camden said...

Sentence #1: Don't understand a word of it.

Sentence #2: Oh, mature. Boo-hoo.